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Backwards Sink

Keep your shirt dry
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It's happened to you countless times. You turn on the water, and it rushes out at high pressure, spilling out of the sink and onto your clothing. Or while washing your hands you somehow manage to deflect the stream of the water directly onto the bottom of your shirt. Well, the solution to this common problem is simple: Just rotate the sink 180 degrees, so the spout is closest to the user and pointing inwards. Any overspray would then be deflected harmlessly off the wall (and possibly into a purpose-designed trough) rather than leaving you with a damp shirt.
ytk, Jun 25 2012


       I though this would be a sink in which water fountained out of the plughole and was 'drained' from the sink by being sucked up into a tap dipping into the water.
hippo, Jun 25 2012

       Nice. A place I used to work at had their taps pointing almost perfectly tangential to the inside surface of the basin (due to mismatch between tap type and sink), so that unless you blocked the flow, you almost certainly got splashed when using the basin. I used to joke that it was a water saving initiative.   

       Anyhoo, this gets a [+] from me.   

       Another variation would be to design the ogive of the basin to not direct flow up and out toward the user. Doesn't help the "splash" effect however.
Custardguts, Jun 26 2012

       You could always do the full isolet route, a plastic box with holes for your hands.
RayfordSteele, Jun 27 2012


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