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bath/lav and shower/lav combos

Put a full bath in the space of a 3/4, or a 3/4 in place of a half
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The bath/lav combo would be a bathtub with a lavatory sink built over the foot end. The faucet and controls would be designed for ready access (since in a normal bathtub they'd be blocked by the lavatory sink). Many variations on this design would be possible depending upon whether one wished to allow the lavatory to fold out of the way (may or may not be necessary, depending upon its shape), whether the lav should have its own drain or just drain into the tub (the latter being, of course, simpler), and whether the lav should be usable by someone standing in the tub or by someone standing next to it (the latter being in many cases more convenient, but the former saving more space).

The shower-lav combo would be a shower stall with a sink that folded against the wall. As with the bath/lav combo, the sink may or may not have its own drain; from a usability pespective, it would almost certainly better to have the sink stick out far enough that it would be used by someone standing just in front of the shower, rather than just inside.

supercat, May 18 2002

A Model of Efficiency http://www.winnebagoind.com/01ria22fd.htm
The Rialta model from Winnebago Industries shoehorns a shower pan with power drain, flexible showerhead, fold-down sink, marine style toilet with foot pedal, vanity shelf, mirrored medicine cabinet, and towel bars into about 10 square feet of floorspace. [jurist, May 20 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Actually, this is kind of a useful idea, but I'm not really clear how it differs from what you might find for bathing/showering facilities on a smallish boat or mid-range Recreational Vehicle, both of which applications also hold space use considerations at a premium.
jurist, May 19 2002

       There are some pretty effective space saving bathroom devices in existence. In my bathrooms the toilets are inset into the wall. There is no cistern visible as it's all housed in the cavity between the inside wall and the outer cladding. The toilet bowls come out of the wall and don't extend to the floor at all.   

       My parents have one of their bathroom sinks inset into the wall. We didn't all do it to save space though, it's an eccentricity thing.   

       I've noticed that a several hotels now have showers with no walls. The shower head is just on the side of the bathroom, and the water is directed to a plug hole in the middle of the room. It makes the bathroom seem so much bigger, but always check the locks twice when I use one of those.
Helium, May 20 2002


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