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Automatic Page Turner

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I have been a musician most of my life. In order to keep up with the timing and not disrupt, it would be most helpful to have an automatic page turner.

The thing is, that sometimes due to repeats, one needs a page that will go back as well as forward.

For playing the violin, this would be especially helpful. I also sing and accompany myself at the piano or organ, so it would be helpful there as well.

Susan L. Curtin


Yesme, Nov 28 2000

GEWA Page Turner BLV-6 http://www.enablema...10&pid=1454&dept=25
only $3895 [dogzapper, Sep 10 2005]

Kris McKenzie - Automatic Page-Turner http://www.accesswa...enzie/pageturn.html
I can't tell if this is a real product or just an idea? [dogzapper, Sep 10 2005]

(?) Capstone Design Automatic Music Book Page Turner http://www.engr.iup...ner_files/frame.htm
Looks like a work in progress [dogzapper, Sep 10 2005]

TurnMate http://www.turnmate.com
A practical and inexpensive page turner exists! [Digger, Aug 24 2006]


       It would be nothing less than a Godsend to musicians. I can think of no instument for which this would not be practical.
Mr_Thundercleese, Mar 09 2002

       How would a musician signal the device to advance or reverse a page? Pianists and drummers often need one (or both) of their feet, wind instrumentalists/vocalists need their lips, while most, if not all, need their hands (hence the reason for the device in the first place). So what would be the best way to trigger the device to turn one page forward (or one page back)?
clue, Sep 10 2005

       "You put your left foot in, you take your left foot out, you put your left foot in and shake it all about. You turn yourself around and do the hokey pokey...that's what its all about...." Sorry, couldn't resist.
clue, Sep 10 2005

       How about the hips--kinda like a hula hoop. This could be real popular in the club scene. Not so good for crowded stages with many performers, though. Might help the more unenticing sedentary acts that need more movement on stage. But once again, what about those people that play the tambourine?? Everytime they get into the song...the pages will go flying.
clue, Sep 10 2005

       This would be great! My wife plays the harp and this has always been a problem for her. It would be nice if it could keep the pages from flipping back or blowing off the music stand. Looks like this idea is baked...see links.
dogzapper, Sep 10 2005

       A practical and inexpensive page turner exists! Rather than trying to be all things to all men, it concentrates on providing a solution to the most common requirement, namely turn a single page forward and back with a simple tap on a foot pedal. Ideal for string and woodwind instruments. See link.
Digger, Aug 24 2006

       An LCD-based display maybe? It could perhaps even follow the music and turn the page automatically......   

       (or at least in an orchestra environment - the conductor could turn the pages of all the musicians with a foot-switch....? )   

monojohnny, Aug 24 2006


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