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LCD Jewel Case

Bringing a tactile element to the iPod
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I was listening to some of my CDs the other day (instead of my ipod), and realized that I really missed having the neat album jacket with its literature & artwork to flip through.

I think Apple is missing a trick here - theres an opportunity for another iPod accesory (yes another one). I think it would be really cool to have a plug in LCD panel display around the size of a CD case that would display the pre downloaded album data, allowing you to flip through artwork, lyrics and other fun stuff. You already get little digital album images with the songs you buy on iTunes, so this would not be too fa of a stretch.

Another use - although I hate Karaoke, you could have the panel do the whole bouncing ball thing with the lyrics.

energy guy, Dec 29 2005

karaokeipod KaraokeiPod
already there [neilp, Dec 29 2005]


       an external screen for an ipod seems a little bit overkill, although I'm sure you'd find a market.

The karaokeipod has already been done (see link).
neilp, Dec 29 2005

       I hope it would be more durable than the plastic jewel case of today is. {+]
normzone, Dec 29 2005


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