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Karaoke Glasses

Never forget the words again.
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This invention prevents those embarrassing moments when you launch into the chorus with gusto, only to discover there is another verse. Utilizing the same technology used in the Iphone app Midomi, the Karaoke Glasses use a short sample of the song to name it and preform a search for lyrics via your web enabled phone. Once the lyrics have been found they appear right in front of your eyes, complete with the little bouncy thing over the words.

Using the Karaoke Glasses in conjunction with the Funkodancer 2000 can make you appear cooler and more musically gifted than you really are. Priceless.

Eggplant, Sep 12 2009


       Where's XsarenkaX when you need her? Oh yeah...probably diddling her time on facebook.
blissmiss, Sep 12 2009

Eggplant, Sep 13 2009


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