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Auxiliary Smokey Bacon Crisps

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The better type of car has a main fuel tank and an auxiliary. Crisps, however, do not.


A fairly standard crisp packet, but divided into two non-equal parts, such that bottom 12% of the crisps can be accessed only by peeling apart a second seal. These 12 simple percents will, when accessed, give the impression of an indulgent bonus, even though the total crispage of the packet is no greater than in a regular pack.

That's really all there is to it.

MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 19 2010


       a really difficult seal to open, a really really bl**dy difficult seal to open...
po, Apr 19 2010

       How about a third chamber that contains a small bonus device that goes "oink" when depressed?
xenzag, Apr 19 2010

       That's silly - how could the device tell you were depressed?
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 19 2010

       Crisps, which our American cousins call "chips", require a certain amount of space to allow them to stay intact. This secondary, smaller part might deny crisps their full, uncrushed potential.   

       It seems to be original though, although my "this might have been baked" senses are twitching involuntarily ...
Aristotle, Apr 19 2010

       // a really difficult seal to open //   

       <Howard Carter>   

       "I can see ... wonderful things ..."   

       </Howard Carter>
8th of 7, Apr 19 2010

       I would eat this packet upside-down. That way after the initial disappointment at the paltry amount of crisps within, I would be overcome with joy at the bountiful contents of the reserve chamber.
wagster, Apr 19 2010

       You've got my bun on one proviso: that this new compartment is an additional 12% on existing packets, rather than 12% of the existing packet. Crisp packet sizes seem to be ever-shrinking and reducing in value. Anything to arrest this tragic decline gets my vote.   

       {And much respect for your insightful choice of smokey bacon)
Jinbish, Apr 19 2010

       //to allow them to stay intact\\ When people buy a packet of crisps from me I sometimes ask them if they want many crisps or the regular number. When they say they want many I put the packet on the bar and stomp it with my fist.   

       This idea is funny and deeply philosofical (sp?)   

       My dad (85) got admitted to the hospital today with a fracture in his spine. I'm drunk now and it's way past my bedtime, just a little escapism. End off topic.
zeno, Apr 19 2010

       Ugh, that sucks. Best wishes to both of you.   

       There's something weirdly appealing about this idea for food packs in general. I like having a choice about whether to "be good" and eat a small portion, or eat just a little extra, maybe another 100 calories or so. I think I'd feel more satisfied after "splurging" like that than after eating a slightly larger portion in one go; wonder whether that is true for other people.
jutta, Apr 20 2010

zeno, Apr 20 2010

       That wouldn't really hold true for me. If I didn't eat the extra I would just feel bad for throwing away food - so I'd feel better for eating it, and I'd enjoy it.   

       Hope your dad's doing ok [zeno].
wagster, Apr 20 2010

       In that case [Ian] shirley it should be recursive, with a little 12% portion of the remainder...?
pocmloc, Apr 20 2010

       Yo Zeno, hope your dad hangs in there. My ma (89) is in with a broken leg. It must be something to do with global warming causing thermal expansion of bone and hence loss of density. Fingers crossed all round.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 20 2010

       Hope your father's spine goes well, [zeno]. We know more about them than we used to - that's spines rather than fathers ...
Aristotle, Apr 20 2010

       Maybe there could be special packs for bulimics - the auxilliary compartment contains extra product, laced with an emetic.
8th of 7, Apr 20 2010

       best wishes to dad, zeno.
po, Apr 20 2010

       yes best wishes to [zeno] and Dad! I have aging parents and it isn't easy....
I also like the idea +
There are certain kinds of products that actually have 2 sealed bags inside of one larger bag, but this is better.
xandram, Apr 20 2010

       //But you wouldn’t throw it away// No, you're right, whatever logic you throw at me I'd still end up eating them all in an instant.
wagster, Apr 20 2010

       //"be good" and eat a small portion//   

       Isn't it odd how you can collapse an entire ethical system into a single scalar value (calories) just by putting it on the bar and stomping it with your fist? Maybe it needs extra compartments with seals.   

       ... and what {everyone} said about [zeno]'s dad.
pertinax, Apr 20 2010

       //Maybe it needs extra compartments with seals// seal cubs look more cute and would fit in easier.
pocmloc, Apr 20 2010

       True, but stomping them with your fist would not be enough - you'd need a baseball bat or a chair leg or something.   

       Or maybe a special implement, if you all clubbed together ...
8th of 7, Apr 20 2010

       This should be implemented for alcoholic drinks too - I'm sure it would be possible to design a glass which, when filled with beer at a bar, stores 12% of the beer in a 'reserve tank' which could be unlocked by, say, twisting a small Bakelite knob.

The last car I can remember seeing a reserve petrol tak on was my dad's old Rover P6 3500.
hippo, Apr 21 2010

       Thanks everyone, hartwarming. he's doing better.
zeno, Apr 21 2010

       That's good news, [zeno].
pocmloc, Apr 21 2010

       Yay [zeno]
blissmiss, Apr 22 2010


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