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Peanut Bubble Wrap

burst the bubbles, eat the peanuts
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Eating peanuts is addictive. Bursting bubble wrap is addictive. They belong together.

With Peanut Bubble Wrap, every time you burst one of the bubbles you release a tasty peanut.

Comes in salted, unsalted and dry roasted flavours. Also available in macadamia and cashew. (as well as pumpkin seed, and almond for a friend of mine who is alergic to nuts) [edit]

xenzag, Apr 20 2010


       Make the wrap from fruit roll-ups and that could be edible too.
swimswim, Apr 20 2010

       Sorry - I'd rather do both activities separately.
phundug, Apr 20 2010

       Awesome - the only problem is that it would ruin the fun of stomping on sheets of bubble wrap with your feet.
DrWorm, Apr 20 2010

       You can still burst them with your heels, then flick them up with your toes, before catching them in mid-air. This is called the Sun-Pat Manoeuvre.
xenzag, Apr 20 2010

       // So its not safe for people buying anything by post now huh ? //   

       We had not considered the weapon potential of bubble wrap ... until you pointed it out to us.
8th of 7, Apr 20 2010

       Bless you.
8th of 7, Apr 20 2010


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