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Lil' Picnic

for small or personal outdoor lunches
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It's a beautiful sunny day outside, and you have an hour for your lunch break, and the park looks very tempting - time for a Lil' Picnic.

Sold in most convenience stores, this lunch time treat is not only cute, but delicious. It looks like a small cane basket with a handle about the size of a large lunchbox. Inside is a Lil' Picnic blanket about 30cm x 30cm that you can fold out on the grass and lay the food inside onto.

Tear the top off the Lil' Picnic cup filled with Lil' Picnic Juice, and snack on Lil' Picnic pie and sandwiches - all cute miniature versions of the contents of a real picnic basket. It's like your own lunch-time tea party, minus the dolls and childish banter.

When you are finished open the small jar labelled Lil' Picnic Ants and let them free on your scraps.

benfrost, Dec 25 2004


       Have you got a lil' tart in there? I always like to take a little tart on a picnic.
mensmaximus, Dec 26 2004

       Um, exactly what sort of tart are you referring to, the edible kind or the female kind, [mensmaximus]?   

       Very nice, [ben]. Love the ants jar.
Machiavelli, Dec 27 2004

       It's based on an incident where three of us friends were walking down a sidewalk past a car with a guy in it. He was holding this glazed strawberry/creme tart suspiciously close to his mouth. I said to the others, "Did you see that guy in the car with that little tart?" and we all laughed for a few minutes as we were on company time.
mensmaximus, Dec 27 2004


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