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B52 Tartan

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Tartan is a very particular pattern that has a zillion variations, which are derived from a few initial elements. It's unique, being simultaneously brilliant and horrible in equal measures. It deserves to be celebrated. I am therefore proposing an International Day of Tartan.

For this type of event, only something memorable and monumental will suffice. Converting a large area of the sky above some urban area into a continuous vista of unrelenting tartan would be my ideal outcome. This demands the use of a squadron of aircraft, and only B52s will suffice.

The planes are equipped with special coloured vapour releasing equipment that can deliver the necessary colours and patterns which can combine to construct a variety of tartans. Numerous planes are required to fly in highly controlled formations which travel at right angles to each other. It's easier to view the illustration.

xenzag, Sep 22 2015

B52 Tartan https://sodabred.tu...aked-idea-by-xenzag
a small sample area of a big sky [xenzag, Sep 22 2015, last modified Nov 27 2018]

Tartans https://venetianred.../2008/11/tartan.jpg
A few of the many possible skies [xenzag, Sep 22 2015]


       Baked: chemtrails??
DIYMatt, Sep 22 2015

       Show me a set of chemtrails that combine to construct a recognised tartan pattern then.... enjoy your search.
xenzag, Sep 22 2015

8th of 7, Sep 22 2015

       Something similar could be done on a smaller scale by men wearing loincloths and smoke-canisters swinging from lianas in the rainforest. Tartan of the Jungle.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 22 2015

       When it's rain'n it's sporran.   

xenzag, Sep 23 2015

       re-posted illustration to Tumblr
xenzag, Nov 27 2018

       + great
xandram, Nov 27 2018

       You might have to careful with the pattern, as a 0.5 Scottish person.   

       We had a bit of spat with the clan MacLeod some time ago and heads rolled, not in a figurative way.   

       I would recommend something that does not look like MacLeod tartan.
not_morrison_rm, Nov 27 2018

       Rem these are B52s..... be afraid ye tiny mortals far below...
xenzag, Nov 27 2018

       Tartan sky at night, 'baker's delight. [+]
pertinax, Nov 28 2018


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