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Bible Faire

A Christian alternative to Rennaissance Faires
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Since there seems to be a Christian "version" of everything these days, why not organize and run a "Bible Faire"??? Basically you copy the Renaissance Faires except the theme is Biblical Times. It would be kind of like that Bible Amusement Park in Orlando (I think it's called the "Holy Land Park" or something) but more of a festival for like every weekend in July-August.

You can charge lots of money for tickets and sell religious merchandise and the target market for this will buy it all up. You can even serve alcohol at the "water into wine" huts, and sell "Fish and Loaves" which is just battered fish filets on bread with tartar sauce. You can sell "manna" which would be little honey/milk cakes. You can have events and shows all Bible themed.

All the workers dress in Bible time clothing and quote scripture verses. All the buildings are built to look like old Jerusalem buildings. There even is a Pagan temple and a King Herod that walks around with his entourage of Roman Praetorians.

It would be fun for the whole fam-fam!!! :)

JohnnyB11, Aug 27 2009

The Holy Land Experience http://www.holylandexperience.com/
I saw it in Religulous [DrWorm, Aug 27 2009]

Creationism Museum http://creationmuseum.org/
Something similar... [energy guy, Aug 31 2009]


       //King Herod that walks around with his entourage of Roman Praetorians// so not so much fun for some of the kids then... and how do you dispose of the bodies of the food concession stand operators ?   

       Sounds sorta neat but most of it's baked by your average Sunday school.
FlyingToaster, Aug 27 2009

       Ooh, can I head up the sinners guild?
normzone, Aug 27 2009

       I've found the website for "The Holy Land Experience". Here's the link! (link)   

       (by the way, dibs on being Satan.)
DrWorm, Aug 27 2009

       Sounds like what they do at my mom's church's gymnasium every year. 'Bethlehem Marketplace' with live animals of every description and a cast of several hundred.   

       Also reminds me of their Vacation Bible School efforts at recreating either Rome or Jerusalem oftentimes.
RayfordSteele, Aug 28 2009

       Will there be strictly male only stonings of blasphemers?
kaz, Aug 28 2009

       Is this a good time to post my halfbakery idea "pretend everything was invented by a Christian" or should I post some snarky comments about passion plays being the origin of the rennaisance faire first?
ye_river_xiv, Aug 31 2009

       "Ride the Lion (no refunds)"   

       Technically there weren't any Xians in most Biblical times and still very few in the last bit. The first Millenium usually had them being roasted or fed to various wildlife: for that same attitude visit the many countries where Christians are routinely persecuted.
FlyingToaster, Aug 31 2009

       Maybe its just the Southeast US, but this has a feeling of deja vu.
energy guy, Aug 31 2009

       I think it's the kudzu.
RayfordSteele, Sep 01 2009


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