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Coffee-Flavored Soup-Filled Tacos

Tacos filled with Coffee-Flavored Soup
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They say three of the biggest distractions for drivers are Tacos, Coffee, and Soup. Let's combine them. I propose that we sell for drive-through motorists tacos filled with a thick soup having a coffee-like broth.

We can entice motorists to try it by giving away coupons with the purchase of a car phone.

I also plan to market the coffee-flavored soup separately under the name "the coffee that eats like a meal."

autgg, Mar 25 2004

some friendly advice on ideas like this... http://krelnik.home...om/half_faq.html#12
Free of charge. [krelnik, Oct 17 2004]


       All right, disavow logic altogether: This is impossible.
dpsyplc, Mar 25 2004

       No, we definitely don't need any sort of post-approval system. What was I thinking?
waugsqueke, Mar 25 2004

       But surely a combined coffee soup taco would be less distracting than separate coffee, soup and tacos, thus defeating the point of this idea. I would fishbone this, but I've got a sub sandwich in one hand, a martini glass in the other, a plate of chilli in my lap, and I'm steering with my elbows.
kropotkin, Mar 26 2004

       //They say three of the biggest distractions for drivers are Tacos, Coffee, and Soup//   

       erm...Who say? Coffee? OK I can see that perhaps, but not much. Tacos...having real difficulty there, but Soup? Soup?? What? I have never once been distracted by soup when driving nor have I ever seen or heard of ANYONE being distracted by soup whilst behind the wheel. Personally I'd say the three biggest distractions for drivers are mobile phones, idiocy and huge BMW's....   

       Oh, and women walking down the street with huge tata's, if you're a fella.
squeak, Mar 26 2004

       Add little kids for distraction, how about little kids that had lots of coffee and soup dripping tacos in their hands?
kbecker, Mar 26 2004

       SOUP?!?!? who eats soup in their car?
echo, Mar 28 2004

       I eat soup in the car. Nothing like a bowl of steaming hot soup on my way to work. Most would opt for the microwavable soup-to-go cans they sell now, but I say that's for sissies. If you're a real man, you eat it out of the bowl in 75 mph traffic, with the bowl resting on your knee, a cell phone in your hand and a cigarette dangling off your lip while your kids are bouncing around the back high on pixie sticks.   

       But yeah, I eat soup in the car.
skratchaddikt, Mar 28 2004

       You'll end up with a souped up car.
FarmerJohn, Mar 28 2004

       Now all you have to do is make the phone a part of the taco, and design it such a way that it <requires> you to use both hands and completely obscure your vision to eat it. And it should burn your nether regions like a cigarette if you drop it.
Cedar Park, Mar 29 2004

       Actually I got the information that coffee, tacos, and soup are the most distracting items from a local news broadcast. Some insurance group tracks this kind of thing.
autgg, Mar 29 2004

       The krelnik post implies the idea is impossible. I completely disagree. One can clearly make a broth that tastes like coffee, one can clearly make a soup out of such a broth, and one can clearly put such a soup, if properly condensed, in a taco shell. Hence, practical manufacture of the invention is clearly possible. QED.   

       For those who don't believe me, here's a short-cut. First take any soup, for instance Progresso Chicken Noodle. Then keep adding coffee grounds to the soup until it takes on a paste-like consistency. After this thickening step is complete, spoon the paste into a taco. There you have it, I have proven my case.   

       And if you like caffeine, I suggest you give it a taste.
autgg, Mar 29 2004

       If I miss my guess, sorry, but my take on the "warm" welcome you've received at the Halfbakery is due to the following observations I've made:
First, your idea, while narrowed to a specific problem, is not unusual, nor is it novel. It suggests that easy-to-eat food may be consumed by drivers with less risk. I disagree, as would many others, on the basic assumption you make -- eating and driving may be done together under ANY condition.
Second, by combining foods with differing attributes and differing tastes and assuming the combination will taste good and will appeal to a consumer, you're creating a mental case that is unlikely to pass that taste test in real life. You won't fool anyone because, for instance, 'long island iced tea' - style taste agreements come along seldomly, and I doubt what you've proposed can be blended to appeal to smell or taste.
Finally, and I think you've referred to it by identifying [krelnik]'s link, you're expecting us to be gullible to this tune: If "a" is bad, and "b" is bad, and "c" is bad, "abc" is okay. Are you counting on the driving public presenting with a very short attention span?
dpsyplc, Mar 30 2004

       [autgg] Broth is soup. So you say to make a coffee-like broth, which would be coffee, and turn it into coffee-like soup. Still coffee.   

       And in a taco? If you'd said doughnut you'd have been laughing here, but I think coffee doughnuts probably already exist.   

       If it's just the caffeine you're after, hell stick a proplus in your taco (or other caffeine tablet thingy).
squeak, Mar 30 2004


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