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Blender stall in food courts, for meals on the run...
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The food courts in the city (and, I suspect, many others) are usually populated with the type of businessmen that don't have enough time to sit down and enjoy/even eat a meal, but need to grab something they can eat with their hands, a drink, and walk back to the office.

My idea is to set up a stall in a food court, not selling any food, but with an array of blenders and cups (the soft drink type). Businessman with lunch walks up, gives us food; we unwrap it and throw it in the blenders with some sort of emulsifier (flavourless, probably), puree it for them and put it in a cup, so that they can drink it on their way back - faster, easier and simpler than eating.

A larger variety of food can now be eaten (drunk) a lot easier, with one hand (one hand free for briefcase/phone/etc), and without the afeared mess on the suit.

Detly, Dec 22 2000

Slim-Fast Diet Drink http://www.slimfast.com
Who needs REAL food? [wasraw, Dec 22 2000, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Goo http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Goo
Similar idea, different demographics [Uncle Nutsy, Dec 22 2000, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Look, what do you do when you put in your mouth? Chew it. So it ends up the same texture anyway...   

       (Personally, I wouldn't do it)   

       Where is it baked (so to speak)? And do I look like I'm ripping off other peoples ideas, seeing as the few ideas I've come up with have already been done somewhere else... (I do check the Halfbakery, though)
Detly, Dec 22 2000

       Why blend? Just sell a nutritious liquid lunch that's non-alcoholic. Similar to diet shakes that some folks in the U.S. already drink in place of a meal (see link). You could do it in lots of different flavors, too.
wasraw, Dec 22 2000

       Yeah, I've seen them.   

       This is classier. *sulk*
Detly, Dec 22 2000

       No reason to fret - just change your demographic target to kids! "But mom! I really wanna drink my PBJ sandwich!"
wasraw, Dec 22 2000

       See, the idea is that people can inbibe a meal with ease, but still have whatever they had a craving for. For example, the other day, I wanted chicken teryaki - I wouldn't stop until I had found a decent Japanese restaurant that sold it. Now, I'm sure other people are like this, but also in a hurry - hence, they get it pureed and can "eat" it on the run.   

       Because, really, you'd get sick of milkshakes, no matter how nutritous...
Detly, Dec 30 2000

       Would your craving have been satisfied just as well by chicken teriyaki slurry?   

       Isn't the time spent ordering and waiting for take-out the problem? Wouldn't the time required to hurriedly shovel the food into yourself be about the same as that necessary to take it over to a Blend-a-Lunch stall, have them gooify it for you, pay them, and choke down the resulting cup of grainy sludge?
Monkfish, Dec 30 2000

       Your slogan:   

       Chyme it, baby!
Vance, Feb 06 2001

       What the hell were *you* thinking? (+ -> -)
Detly, Mar 04 2004


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