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Edible fast food bread replacement.
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No one on the Adkin's diet wants to resort using special "no bun" codes at the "in and out" or seem like a difficult retail customer when avoiding carbohydrates. Ba-cones seek to use turkey bacon (which doesn't curl when cooked as much as ham) in molded cone shapes to provide an edible fast food container that meets the needs of low-carb diets. With Ba- cones, all that messy grease from your biscuitless egg and cheese biscuit gets into your arteries where it belongs, and not on your car's upholstery.
machaus, Sep 29 2002

High Protein http://www.labdiet.com/5045.htm
New School 30-10-60 [reensure, Sep 29 2002]

Atkins Ketogenic http://atkinscenter...02/1/11-174772.html
Hunter-gatherer 30-60-10 [reensure, Sep 29 2002]


       Can't please everybody.
Guncrazy, Sep 29 2002

       sp: Atkins
bristolz, Sep 29 2002

       Yum, turkey bacon. I wish I could get that here.
madradish, Sep 29 2002

       Lard: The Versatile Nutrient. Oh, yes. Croissant (wrapped in bacon, please).   

       Oooh ! Oooh ! croissants stuffed with cheese and bacon ! Nurse, the screens !
8th of 7, Sep 30 2002


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