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Square Bacon

You know... for sandwiches.
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The title pretty much says it all. Square bacon. Same thickness as regular breakfast bacon, but instead of being cut into narrow rectangles, it's cut into squares the same size as a standard slice of bread. I don't think this falls afoul of the Recipe MFD because you can season it, cure it or cook it however you like.

While I am hard-pressed to believe this doesn't exist already, I've astonishingly never seen it. I did an extensive search on Google and Bing before posting this, using terms such as "square bacon", "bacon patty" (that yielded some tasty-looking results! But not what I had in mind) and "sandwich bacon". I used several other terms and phrases, as well, and did not find this.

If anyone can link to prior art for this, please do so, and include contact info so I can order some!

21 Quest, Jan 14 2010

there's this http://farm1.static...4799_c04f859967.jpg
[jaksplat, Jan 14 2010]

Flat sheet from curved surface. http://www.youtube....watch?v=3MTf__cU74g
Starts about 2:30 [mouseposture, Jan 14 2010]

bacon weave for giant sandwiches http://www.bbqaddic.../images/bacon-2.jpg
[xandram, Jan 15 2010]

it's not pre-cut, you know, http://farm2.static..._63b191ffdb.jpg?v=0
[pocmloc} if you cut it vertically instead of horizontally, it will come out in the shape of a square! [jaksplat, Jan 15 2010]


       Mcdonalds bacon comes in circles, essentially 2 strips in a yin-yang orientation that when cooked on the grill fuse together to form a circle.

       so square shouldnt be more than 3 pieces side by side with a piece of cheddar cheese to keep it square.......yum
Arcanus, Jan 14 2010

       What is breakfast bacon? What bacon comes in narrow rectangles?
sneakythumbs, Jan 14 2010

       //What is breakfast bacon?//

       Bacon served for breakfast. As opposed to brunch bacon, lunch bacon, dinner bacon, and midnight snack bacon.

       //What bacon comes in narrow rectangles?//

       Breakfast bacon!

       Edit: Jaksplat, I think I'm going to be sick.
21 Quest, Jan 14 2010

       //instead of being cut into narrow rectangles, it's cut into squares// cut from what? You know it's not entirely arbitrary that bacon comes in strips? They're not cut from a sheet you know.

       edit: [jaksplat], that is not square. The label clearly shows rectangular objects.
pocmloc, Jan 14 2010

       You're right, they're not cut from sheets. They're cut from slabs. I really did put some research and thought into this before posting it, you know?
21 Quest, Jan 14 2010

       I'm not sure how easy it would be. A side of bacon is sort of C-shaped in section. You'd have to slice at a shallow angle to get a wider slice, but then you'd be left with the two ends of the "C" sort of dangling. Also, the diagonal slicing would leave you with two wedge-shaped bits (viewed side-on now, instead of end-on).
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 14 2010

       //you'd be left with two wedge-shaped bits //
Ideal for delicate posh sandwiches with the crusts cut off.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jan 14 2010

       Bacon curls up as you grill it, so it won't be square when you actually put it in your sandwich. You'll cover a slice of bread much better with the narrow rectangles.
Bad Jim, Jan 14 2010

       I was thinking the squares would be bigger than the bread, so they boil down to the right size. Even if the edges curl up, it'll fit on a sandwich nicely.
21 Quest, Jan 14 2010

       I've done a "bacon weave" before, where I fold strips of bacon over and under each other to achieve a rough square.
DrWorm, Jan 14 2010

       I've been there, too. This would make sandwich making much easier.
21 Quest, Jan 14 2010

       // prismatic pig //

       Simpler to rear the pig in a tesseract, then collapse it back into normal; 5-D space before butchering ?
8th of 7, Jan 14 2010

       //so they boil down to the right size//
I gotcha problem right there, buddy!. One does not "boil" bacon.
One shoves it inna frying pan with some lard and then one offers up the residue to a piece of buttered bread.
Once you have put enough on the one bit of bread you put some Red Rocking Horse on it, cover it with another slice of buttered bread and consume (with a cup of tea).
BTW, I've had a go at your subversive Yankee "bacon" and if you put a fork in the middle both bits fly off your plate on the diameter.
Not good, I can tell you!
Better off changing the shape of the bread - an elongated croissant perhaps?
gnomethang, Jan 14 2010

       // subversive Yankee "bacon" //

       There's a big hint there. If you travel South of the Manson-Nixon line you will be relieved to discover that they do indeed know the correct way to both produce and cook excellent bacon.

       We regret that we are unable to commend to you either Grits or Biscuits, and if you value your teeth, your waistline and your immortal soul, avoid at all costs that unctuous poison of the breakfast platter, "Maple syrup"
8th of 7, Jan 14 2010

       We had fully cooked bacon squares at the last restaurant I worked at. I was a prep cook, last year, in a corporate kitchen, and we had them for club sandwiches. That was all we used it for cause it kept the sammie from toppling over.
blissmiss, Jan 14 2010

       Was each piece sized to fit the sandwich?
21 Quest, Jan 14 2010

       I'm a veggie head, so I didn't open and look too closely at the product. I just slapped it on the toast. I guess it fit pretty "squarely" on.
blissmiss, Jan 14 2010

       //You'd have to slice at a shallow angle to get a wider slice// How about if you shave a sheet off the side of bacom the way veneer is shaved off logs (link)? Then cut or stamp squares out of the sheet.
mouseposture, Jan 14 2010

       In defense of bacon spam, and other spam products, the cuboid native form can be cut along a different axis to produce squares. Also, and unlike conventional bacon, one can grill spam without producing a grease inferno. Might I recommend grilled spam with barbecue sauce, served on a bun with a slice of pineapple? I might.
bungston, Jan 14 2010

       The shape of bacon is somewhat constrained by the shape of the cut of meat which you get from the pig. It might, in principle though be possible to cure the whole pig and then put it in a lathe and cut a thin veneer of bacon from it in the same way that wood veneers are cut from rotating logs.
hippo, Jan 15 2010

       If there isn't a "bacon lathe" idea posted here soon, I shall be disappointed.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 15 2010

       What if your choice of farinaceous substrate is not sliced bread, but a bagel? Will we have bagel-shaped bacon?
hippo, Jan 15 2010

       Thinking laterally, why not bake a loaf in the shape of a bacon rasher ?
8th of 7, Jan 15 2010

       Add this to lorne sausage and fried bread, and all we need for a square meal are some square eggs...
prufrax, Jan 15 2010

       Eggs are baked - or fried, actually. I have a very small rectangular frying pan (from Japan - it's for frying the special omelette stuff you sometimes have on top of sushi) which produces fried eggs the exact shape of a piece of toast.
hippo, Jan 15 2010


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