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Kevin Bacon

Bacon with the likeness of Kevin
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Bacon is wonderful, but it all kind of looks the same.

Modern laser engravers can sear and cut flesh.

Why not use this property to market pieces of Canadian peameal bacon with fun images on the front.

The first run would bear a striking portrait of Kevin Bacon. After that the sky is the limit. Perhaps Pepridge farm would run a promotional sausage monopoly game (collect all the letters to win).

This could be extended to other foods such as burgers, hot dogs and Christmas hams. For those too cheap to use a laser you can grab a stencil and use the fake (char grilled marking fluid) that fast food places already put on patties.

Surprise your love ones with an image in their likeness on their favourite food item!

metarinka, Jan 21 2010

laser engraved tattoo http://www.geekytat...ing-a-geeky-tattoo/
hurts but doable [metarinka, Jan 21 2010]

Laser engraving http://en.wikipedia...iki/Laser_engraving
equipment is cheap enough [metarinka, Jan 21 2010]

Laser engraved bacon http://www.flickr.c...linejoe/2537590226/
Yep, works. [jutta, Jan 21 2010]

Wikipedia: JCVD http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JCVD
A film in which Jean Claude Van Damme plays himself - but I don't believe it contains any explicit bacon imagary. [zen_tom, Jan 22 2010]

I have found the ultimate - Bacon bra! http://www.pollsb.c...68056-bacon_bra.jpg
[xandram, Jan 22 2010]


blissmiss, Jan 21 2010

       ...and you might know someone who had eaten some of this bacon, or maybe you know someone who knows someone else who's eaten some of this bacon. I wonder if a way could be found of showing - perhaps by a simple number - how closely connected you were through a chain of acquaintanceships to someone who had actually eaten this bacon?
hippo, Jan 22 2010

       Or to the pig?
pocmloc, Jan 22 2010

       It could be like Russian dolls, or you could buy a whole packet of them joined together with bits of rind.
nineteenthly, Jan 22 2010

       Presumably vCJD is the bovine equivalent of Being John Malkovitch.
nineteenthly, Jan 22 2010

       No that's JCVD.
zen_tom, Jan 22 2010

       Kevin Bacon number of two, i believe. And, presumably also a "Kevin Bacon" number of two.
nineteenthly, Jan 22 2010

       An invisible printing on bread slices that turns into Jesus in the toaster would be best.
ldischler, Jan 22 2010

       // Jesus //   

       Not Kevin Bacon, then ?
8th of 7, Jan 22 2010

       I would like to see a play where all the actors were slices of bacon. They could be like Gumby and become very famous, except for being able to tell them apart from each other. Maybe bacon wigs or some appendages...
{or see link for bacon bra}
xandram, Jan 22 2010

       Kevin Costner's "Dancing with Loaves" ?
8th of 7, Jan 22 2010

       //Not Kevin Bacon, then ?//   

       Nobody has seen Jesus, but everyone recognizes him.
ldischler, Jan 22 2010

       He's just got one of those faces, you know the kind.
rcarty, Jan 22 2010

       'Kevin Bacon' might make a good headline if our Prime Minister (Kevin Rudd) ever gets accused of pork-barreling.
xaviergisz, Jan 23 2010

       Promotion: Find the Jesus slice in one of our packages and win a free pilgrimage to your home. Inspires me to maybe enter my Icee Jesus popcicle idea. (I see Jesus).   

       Holier-than-thou baco-bun [+].
Mustardface, Jan 23 2010

       // the Jesus slice //   

       Is that like the God Particle ? Is a vast circular tunnel under the Alps required ?
8th of 7, Jan 24 2010


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