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Baby popcorn

The mini-me of popcorn
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Surely babycorn can be modified and prepared to make baby popcorn. This would definately be in in line with the growing trend of downsized food servings. Also it would be cute as hell, and just looking at it would trip you out. As if looking at regular sized popcorn from really far away....whoa!
shinobi, Feb 08 2006

This may help Kernel_20Coat
Courtesy of [bristolz]. [Shz, Feb 08 2006]


       Hmm. Popcorn is grown to maturity and dried to give it a poppable composition. Baby (sweet) corn is harvested early and likely lacks the necessary characteristics, both externally and internally. I'm thinking this would require some very involved modifications, making it nearly synthetic. Synthetic popcorn - Ew, but there's room for halfbaking there. Pizza popcorn, anyone?   

       Black popcorn pops noticeably smaller than yellow or white, about 2/3 the size.
Shz, Feb 08 2006

       Popcorn tastes rubbish only when thrown in the trash.
bristolz, Feb 08 2006

       I'd rather have Giant Popcorn, which is at least as hard to make, if not more so.
wagster, Feb 08 2006

       This is a perfectly natural idea, would probably cost millions of dollars to produce, would be mixed in with regular popcorn for variety, and would taste rather lousy (like most miniature cookies). Totally halfbaked. Sorry I can't bun it though.
phundug, Feb 08 2006

       Do I really want to see this? No.   

       Is the idea half-baked enough to get a bun? Yes.   

       Man, [shinobi] even you voted against yourself, huh?
Pac-man, Feb 08 2006

       Sounds like popped millet to me.
Galbinus_Caeli, Feb 08 2006

       Everyone just chillax...please. It wasn't too far fetched.
shinobi, Feb 09 2006

       Christ had no sense of perspective???   

       It all makes sense now...
daseva, Feb 09 2006

       <Tries to add "chillax" to her dictionary but stops, realizing she hasn't any idea what it means.>
bristolz, Feb 09 2006

       It's like chill and relax, but more like both and alot less cool once fully developed humans start saying it.
daseva, Feb 09 2006

       So...it's only cool if under-developed humans use it?   

       That seems counterintuitive and useless.
bristolz, Feb 10 2006


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