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Bachelor Bags

A load of a meal
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This product is for the lazy, one-stop single guy type in all of us. Another evening home all alone again? No REAL dinner plans? Batchelor Bags are pre-packaged food items with similar cook times. In the mood for chicken nuggets and fires? How about steak fingers and tater tots? The bag consists of a wide-mouth opening for contortionless hand clearance for the easy, do-it-yourself handful portioning system. In addition, there should be heavy duty locking-strips on both ends, so bag orientation is non critical. Simply preheat oven, or set the home fryer to "stun" and toss in a handful of edible goodness. Come back in a few minutes, let cool and enjoy! Bags come in super family-size only, so each bag should last for a few meals depending on how much you prefer to eat at a sitting.
Letsbuildafort, Dec 13 2003

he had an edge to him when he started out - back before WWII http://www.cliffrichard.org/
now he only plays Wimbledon Centre Court - thats the tennis court not the shopping centre... [po, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

(?) cliff......... http://www.geocitie.../B/BatchelorBoy.htm
[po, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]

The Monkey Chow Diaries http://www.angryman.ca/monkey.html
"My name is Adam Scott, and this is the Monkey Chow Diaries, day 4. For the last 48 days, I've been eating nothing but Monkey Chow." [jutta, Jun 06 2006]


       not Cliff Richard's christmas release then?   

       they won't explode will they? she said hopefully <grin>
po, Dec 13 2003

       Never heard Cliff Richard ... It seems as though I've stumbled upon quite the mystery ... he's a singer?
Letsbuildafort, Dec 13 2003

       So are we throwing the whole bag into the oven/microwave and eating out of it like a bag of Doritos? No plates, no silverware necessary. Just sit in front of the PS2 and reach in? I like that.   

       Locking strips may be unnecessary, I know a few bachelors who would eat an industrial sized batchelor bag in one evening.
grip, Dec 13 2003

       is he a singer? well, yes, kinda. more an institution - he used to be *our Elvis* I am not quite sure how you would describe him today!
po, Dec 13 2003

       Aaah, gotcha, [po] ...
Letsbuildafort, Dec 13 2003

       Bachelors Super Noodles are the only bachelor bags for me. Admittedly you do have to take them out of the bag and add a precisely-measured volume of hot water, but they have some secret highly addictive ingredient (possibly crack cocaine).
kropotkin, Dec 13 2003

       //chicken nuggets and fires//   

       I'm giving it a bun for that reason alone, sadly I can't give this idea two.
sartep, Dec 13 2003

       Fried bat tenders?
grip, Dec 14 2003

       What a breath of fresh air. I didn't believe there was anyone in the world who hadn't heard of the Cliff-ster, especially in the run-up to Christmas. My faith in humanity is restored.
hazel, Dec 15 2003

       Futurama had a product somewhat similar to this called "Bachelor Chow". There's a billboard for it visible during the opening credits.
krelnik, Dec 15 2003

       My college dining hall served something like this. They were called "Salona Shakers" (although I really have no idea why). Basically it was a foil bag of breaded/fried stuff. You could get chicken strips and waffle fries, breaded shrimp and onion rings, tater tots and onion rings, etc. Then, I guess the "shaker" part came from being able to open the bag and shake a desired seasoning powder on the food and then shake it all up.
tchaikovsky, Aug 07 2004

       //I am not quite sure how you would describe him today//   

       'still crap' maybe?
stilgar, Nov 20 2004

       "do-it-yourslef "   

       I'm more interested in this slef fellow who seems to have replaced the elf. Is he up for hire?
dentworth, Nov 20 2004


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