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Bachelor Carpet

Carpet Designed for bachelors
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This carpet only comes in one color, a brownish yellow with somewhat distinct mottling. Perhaps not the most attractive, but scientifically designed to camouflage spilled substances.

The carpet is also specially woven with 13" wide stripes where the yarn on one stripe is wound clockwise and the yarn on the adjecent stripe is wound counterclockwise. These stripes are divided by a half inch wide stripe where the yarn is slightly shorter than the rest of the carpet. This gives an effect similar to that caused by use of a vacuum cleaner.

As a result the carpet always appears to have been freshly vacuumed, even when the only housework performed in the past few months is a quick gathering of moldy pizza boxes and mostly empty beer bottles followed by a through spray of air freshener.

Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 19 2006

(?) My inspiration Carpet_20Embosser/addnote#addnote
[Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 19 2006]


       <obligatory "When I First Read This" anno> When I first read this idea I thought it was about floor coverings made from bachelors. I had mental images of a television program where hunters would stalk single men in their natural environment (ie. bars & clubs) and pick them off as they performed their nightly rituals of over-drinking, dancing badly, and using ridiculous pick-up lines.   

       The underlay of the carpet could be made up of old car air fresheners, the ones shaped like little pine trees, chipped up and pressed together. That would help keep odours away.
Canuck, Sep 19 2006


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