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Carpet Circles

Shag Carpet + Crop Circles
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A simple home project would be making Carpet Circles, signs to miniature aliens that intelligent life doesn't live in the fields, but in the houses.

Aside from that, it would look pretty neat.

DesertFox, Feb 08 2005

carpet info http://www.shawfloo...petConstruction.asp
Tell Mr Buffet the Consul sent ya! [ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 10 2005]


       I have a carpet rake. That ought to do it.   

       Sounds like a job that could be accomplished by an ambitious Roomba hack.
half, Feb 09 2005

       I spilled some cider on my shag carpet today and I was thinking along the same vein as I tried to scrub the carpet. It would be quite funny.
dhousman, Feb 09 2005

       ....and don't forget to leave your windows open so they can get in your house.
ORISIS, Feb 09 2005

       my friend mows crop circles into her lawn. but this, this brings the war back home! bun!
changokun, Feb 09 2005

       "What a lovely rug"   

       "Yes, it's my grandmother's shag carpet, its the only thing she left me when she passed away."
benfrost, Feb 09 2005

       [half], that anno cracked me up. Instantly, a picture of a demonic Roomba with red eyes and maybe a belt of spikes around the outside trimming the carpet while chasing one of those small annoying dogs around the house popped into my head. That just made my day, thank you.   

       I think that sentence needs some commas or something, but I'm too tired to be able to figure out where. Good 'nuff.
tekym, Feb 10 2005

       Monica's shag rag rug?
FarmerJohn, Feb 10 2005


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