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Back Bumper Bulwark

Big back bumper box broadens: bulky barrier barricades bystanders.
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This device would be attached to the back of a truck. It would look like those line barricades you see in an airport to tell people where to stand. you know, the pole with a strap that attaches to another pole. It would look like that but with big bright warning signs depicting maiming and death. It would have two stands and a ribbon between them, going in a loop back to the truck.

The user would have to exit the vehicle and pull it away from the back of the vehicle. Once set up he could get back in and back up with more of an assurance that he's not going to run into anyone. When the truck is all the way back the device would pull the barrier back into its container.

Voice, Oct 05 2013


       Weirdly simple. [+]
shapu, Oct 07 2013

       I think you scared everyone away with your alliterative title. It's actually a perfectly halfbaked idea.   

       It seems like it would be a bit of a pain to deploy. If there's a crowd, pushing them out of the way on foot while deploying your barrier seems more difficult than getting them to make a path with your reverse beeper. If there's not a crowd, this seems unnecessary, but maybe I'm not picturing the right scenario.
scad mientist, Oct 07 2013

       Weird: this idea went for 3 days with no comments, then [shapu] bunned and annotated while I was writing my annotation.
scad mientist, Oct 07 2013

       This is exactly the sort of thing the USA's frivolously litigious culture will force upon all truck drivers within a decade.
Alterother, Oct 07 2013

       There must come a tipping point in American culture, where it becomes cheaper to fence off the areas where people should stand in order to be safe.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 07 2013

       [scad]: As long as you continue to merely think that's weird, then my secret is safe.
shapu, Oct 11 2013


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