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Back Yard Dog Crane

crazed canine control
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have you ever seen those amusement park games, you put your money in and then you have to manipulate limited controls to catch a stuffed animal in the 4 or 3 prong claw to lift it out.

The Back Yard Dog Crane is essentially the same thing except much much larger.

Hours of fun trying to collect your dog who naturally will attempt to avoid collection.

This could be a good time indoors used for small children. Either way the claw would have to be padded and fast acting.

vfrackis, Apr 27 2009

Wikipedia: Claw vending machine http://en.wikipedia...law_vending_machine
The amusement park game this idea is based on. [jutta, Apr 27 2009]

Claw Scene from Toy Story II http://www.youtube....cYk&feature=related
To see it in action, and because I can't read about this game without being reminded of it. [jutta, Apr 27 2009]


       ahhhh hahahaha [+]
FlyingToaster, Apr 27 2009


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