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Absolute Evil 3

Video game with purchasable accessories
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Absolute Evil 3 is the first in a series of video games where you don't have to roam for hours searching for the Sword of South Hades, you can go to GameWorld or other participating game stores and BUY the Sword of South Hades to slay your enemies!

If you can't figure out how to beat the Gnome of Underhill in order to get his Harrassing Helmet, fret not, it's for sale along with the Necklace of Nought!

Just take home the mini-cartridge, plug it in and viola! You're Virtually Victorious!

Zimmy, Nov 07 2008


       This actually happened with that online Star Wars game. Good players were selling their characters and weapons over ebay, and making a respectable profit in doing so. No time to find link right now, but will later...
theleopard, Nov 07 2008

       I know there are (were?) offices in China where workers actual jobs would be to play the games & then sell the accessories on ebay. I was just thinking of putting it into a cartridge form.
Zimmy, Nov 07 2008

       Indeed, make it official, so the game publisher makes money instead of third parties. I've heard the concept discussed jokingly before but I don't think any publisher has been evil enough to actually do it yet.   

       I would link to a couple of Penny Arcade webcomics but they might be a bit risqué for here.   

       The closest implementation I can think of is the card game Magic: The Gathering in which you could spend huge amounts of money buying card decks in the hope of getting rare and powerful cards.
Srimech, Nov 07 2008

       Yes, but what on earth is the point? Isn't it a bit like paying extra for a pre-solved SoDuKo? I always thought the point of computer games was in the playing of them, which is apparently enjoyable?
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 08 2008


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