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Background music and effects in real life

Like in the movies.
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Imagine having music themed to real life activities. A bit like in the movies, just in real-time. As each airplane lands and the people walk down the steps some dramatic theme is played in high fidelity, coming from hidden speakers along the runway.

As the kids get tired and begin picking on each other, some squeaking violins are heard, playing faster and faster. Then when the older one kicks the younger one, a loud crash is heard. When the father intervenes, trombones begin to play.

When walking along shabby corridors, the sound of high heels on a parquet floor is heard along with some spine shivering music.

In the park, waltzes are heard, with tempo automatically set to to the pace of the swings.

pashute, Oct 25 2010

What would this visit to the restaurant be without music http://www.youtube....?v=TVF1_qhLKDE&NR=1
For English subtitles press the CC button. [pashute, Oct 25 2010]

Very close to: Film_20Noir_20Home
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       Baked - some of us sing to ourselves all the time.
pocmloc, Oct 25 2010


       I wish I could have made it more
like the movies for you
Some pretty, Technicolor way
it's never been
I'm sorry when I kissed you, you only heard me whisper...

po, Oct 26 2010

       This one has been baked like downtown Hiroshima.
infidel, Oct 26 2010

       that simile is a bit inappropriate <sniffs>
po, Oct 26 2010

       This town is our town
This town is so glamorous
Bet you wish you could live here
And be one of us
normzone, Oct 26 2010

       //simile// [po] you brought a smile to this pedant's lips, today.
mouseposture, Oct 26 2010

       Film Noir Home - smart house. Personal soundtrack shirt / Soundtrack to your life - personal. I was thinking more on the tracks of an airport / hospital corridor thingy, maybe even talks to the "public"... something like: "Ooh, I see you are in a hurry" or if it notices somebody is in pain - it says "oh, I see it hurts" then plays sad bg music - Just like in the movies, and of course in tune to that person's steps. Maybe it would cause people to look up, and check if they were selected to be the "hero".   

       The - "Fatal Auto Collision Sound" hibea is ingenious. But again, its a personal or local device. IMHO - not the same as this idea.
pashute, Nov 03 2010

       //"Ooh, I see you are in a hurry"// Clippy in meatspace.
Imagine running down the travelator at the airport and having this thing play "Mission Impossible" or "Chariots of Fire" Oh, the embarrassment.

       Perhaps I'm looking at it wrong. Considered as a way to discourage running on the travelator, it's quite ingenious.
mouseposture, Nov 03 2010

       [+] for giving all those public security cam people something useful to do.
FlyingToaster, Nov 03 2010

       Given that everyone's experience of a moment is pretty much unique and different, with speakers mounted all over, the resulting 'music' would just a be a cacophony of noise. Sort of "The Sound Track of Life.".....Sort of like what we hear now, I guess.
Boomershine, Nov 03 2010


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