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Cat Relaxation Tape

Record cat purr for relaxation
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You can buy recordings of various soothing sounds (ocean, waterfall, etc.), but no sound in nature is as calming as a cat's purr. So why not record a cat purring, make a tape or CD, and sell it to help people relax?

A machine that can synthesize the sound of a cat purring would be even better.

DukeFenton, Oct 30 2001

Robo-Cat makes Purr-fect Companion http://news.bbc.co....d_652000/652293.stm
Actually this is not only baked but on sale in Japan. [Aristotle, Oct 30 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       How about a machine that can synthesize the sound of a cat purring and that is the same shape as a cat?
Aristotle, Oct 30 2001

       This confused me for a second, because if there's any animal that doesn't need relaxing it's a cat. <back on track> I think a cat purring is much more relaxing for you if you're stroking the cat on your lap. So I'd go with Aristotle if it purred when you stroked it. Although that would be dangerously similar to a Furby.
pottedstu, Oct 30 2001

       Couldn't you just leave your old VW parked under the (closed) bedroom window with the engine running?
StonewaterX, Oct 30 2001

       A few years ago, I recorded about 2 minutes of one of my cats purring. Then I digitized the recording and put it on my computer. Set controls so that the sound played in the background whenever the computer was on. The cats cuddled up next to the speakers, looking contented, and then stayed off my work (since cats have an irresistable desire to sit or lay upon any reading material their people are trying to read).
quarterbaker, Oct 30 2001

       My cat (Misty) and her remaining kitten (Frank) spend most of the day rolling around play fighting, they only tend to do purring at feeding time. Stroking a cat may relate to the licking of the mother at this time, causing a sense of well being and satisfaction. Playing a purring cat recording to other cats could be beneficial to the cat, as a soother, but not for the owner. As pottedstu mentioned, the owner may only benefit if they were initiating the purring?
atomic point dexter, Oct 30 2001

       I think it is a purr-fect idea. You could have the item dangerously furby like...or just the noise maker. I would buy one because I find it difficult to sleep on business trips without my cat purring next to me.
lisaann9, Oct 30 2001

thumbwax, Oct 31 2001

       The reason I asked the question about whether the thing that produced cat like noises should look like a cat is because something like it has gone on sale (see link). They can't walk but they can do some cat gestures and make a lot of cat noises.
Aristotle, Oct 31 2001

       How about using it as "on hold music" instead of listening to Musak or advertisements? Well I think it would be more pleasant.
bluerowan, Nov 06 2001

       Steve DeGroof> that's disturbing, but brilliant. If someone travelled in time from the 16th century to here, I'd want that to be the first thing they saw.
Saveloy, Oct 30 2002

       I was also in the market for purring sounds, and I ran across a stuffed purring cat, for $9.99 at http://www.collectionsetc.com   

       Purring Cat - 13013 This plush, touch-activated pet purrs when his back is rubbed & meows when it's head is scratched, while his stomach moves up & down like the breathing of a cat. Requires 3 "AA" batteries (not incl.). 12 1/2"W.   

       Neither of my cats are lap cats, and I agree that there's nothing like a soft, furry body, purring uncontrollably, as you murmur sweet nothing into his fuzzy ears. Now, if you could just pop this stuffed toy into the microwave and warm him up. How about a gel pack insert?
EKAZAL, Nov 11 2004

       Something about this site is dangerous. [DukeFenton] activated the account on the date of this idea, posted it, and was never heard from again.   

       Then again, that user name shows some traffic regarding cat spay/neuter and other cat health discussions. Perhaps somebody just began petting [Duke] and he can't stop purring.
normzone, Dec 05 2017

       Go to your room, or failing that, someone else's room. In fact, any room. Just as long as you go somewhere that's not here, and go right now.   

       // How about a gel pack insert? //   

       It's not as easy as you might hope, even with lubricant. The damn cat scratches and squirms and bites, and the yowling is loud and REALLY annoying.
8th of 7, Dec 06 2017


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