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TV Laugh Track alternatives
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I often tell my friends that the laugh tracks attached to most TV sitcoms is "old school" and should go the way of the Dodo bird. The presence of artificially generated laughter and applause is something that totally baffles and repulses me. One particular friend says he never notices it, so it doesn't bother him.

This friend also has a way of immediately calling sitcom TV people "fag" or "bitch" if he thinks they fit that description. So I thought it'd be great to have an optional "Fag track" or "Bitch track" for people who would like that sort of thing.

Ex: As a woman does something "bitchy", the Bitch Track activates with several male voices saying "Bitch!" at various volume.

go77, Aug 21 2001


       I thought this would be a shoddily capitalized proposal for a USENET newsgroup where people post things like "LOL" and "ROTFLBTC!".   

       I don't just want a separate track for people who like that sort of thing. I would want a whole different planet.
jutta, Aug 21 2001

       How about a Jackass Track for your friend?
The Military, Aug 21 2001

       What is the medium? When I last checked (I admit it was a while ago), TV wasn't that interactive.
jabbers, Aug 22 2001

       Well, it's interactive to the extent that if you press the red button you can get it to shut the f### up.
angel, Aug 22 2001

       Companies are peddling the line that anything is possible with digital television... Anyway, your friend is talking to/yelling at the television? Maybe he should get that checked.
sdm, Aug 22 2001

       sdm a pastry chef at half-bakery does not disappoint   

       I thought sdm was short for soddam or even saddam
po, Sep 02 2001

       The idea of a soundtrack where people would actually BOO someone, especially a guest star? That sounds intriguing. Years ago, I watched a long stretch of The Lucy Show (which came after I Love Lucy) which featured nothing but Lucille Ball meeting various guest stars. (Usually they were has-beens.) There was canned laughter and canned applause throughout the programs, but I didn't feel like applauding or laughing because the programs weren't as funny as the earlier Lucy Show programs (the ones with Vivian Vance and their kids). I would have enjoyed it had someone slipped in a few loud boos into the soundtrack which would have voiced his dissatisfaction, my dissatisfaction and probably the dissatisfaction of many others with the way The Lucy Show had gone.
JoeBader1, Sep 25 2001


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