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Backseat Seatbelt lock Puzzles and Usability

For fun and usability statistics
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Make those backseat seatbelt locks that never seem to be simple especially when there is a hot impressable chick in the back seat with you, actually metal tactile puzzles that are impossible to solve and then film the hilarity and extract usability statistics.
JesusHChrist, Sep 24 2017


       Please explain how this is funny?
xenzag, Sep 24 2017

       It contains a humorous usage of irony, applied in a deadpan manner. It's as least as funny as a 500,000 volt abacus.
RayfordSteele, Sep 24 2017

       At least it's not in Other:General ...   

       And it's funnier than the Electric Marmoset-stretcher idea. Just about.
8th of 7, Sep 24 2017

       Oh well. I guess I'm just out of step with those who see the idea of a "hot chick" being filmed trapped in a car's back seat as being funny. I certainly fail to see the irony in it. Perhaps that could be explained further. In what way is there "humorous irony" in the idea?
xenzag, Sep 24 2017

       Yes, [Ray], perhaps you would like to Explain To The Class In Your Own Words, With The Aid Of Diagrams ... ?   

       We're waiting, [Ray] ....
8th of 7, Sep 24 2017

       Perhaps a little too eagerly for a usual sentence diagram. They go like this:   

       Subject | Verb | Direct Object
\__optional modifier

       That's generally how it works.   

       Note that I never said that I personally found it funny. But that it was at least as funny as one of your crueler ideas, along with a general explanation of one type of humor.
RayfordSteele, Sep 25 2017

       I thought the intended funniness was that you would not be able to help her do up her seatbelt when getting into the car. When I have difficulty with a seatbelt, it's always when doing it up (because I'm trying to mate ends that don't go together), never when undoing it.
notexactly, Feb 06 2018


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