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automated seat belt sensor

buckle up or you're caught...
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once you get in the car and start it,this unit automaticly turns on. its a sensor in the buckle of the seat belt.when the car turns on, the sensor turns on. if you don't put your seat belt on, the sensor will go off to police cars out on duty or their can be a big bright red light on the side of the car that can light up if you don't have the belt on. if you do have the seat belt on,the light will turn off.this way, police can keep people safer with their seat belts on instead of trying to look inside of the car.
lumpysausage007, Jan 06 2005


       The sensors already exist in some form, at least in any vehicle I've ridden about in. Theres a little light that blinks on the dash until the belts buckled in my truck, although putting on my seatbelt is an automatic thing. I think that the "buckle up" laws are just because cops were getting grossed out by bodies thrown from vehicles. My vote is to not push the point, and let a bit of passive eugenics take rule.
wildcardjack, Jan 06 2005

       I think seatbelts should not be mandatory. Natural selection at it's best.
Aq_Bi, Jan 06 2005

       Agree with [Aq_Bi]. Personal choice. I'd rather a big red light flashed if you don't have road tax or insurance and let the coppers pull these.
paraffin power, Jan 06 2005

       My Toyota has an alarm such that if you start driving at over 15mph with the seatbelt off, it starts beeping. After about 30 seconds of beeping the alarm changes to to a constant high pitched tone. No need for the police, like Japanese water torture its so infuriating you can't last for more than a minute before giving in. It doesn't really bother me as I always wear a sealtbelt but if it did you could always buckle the seatbelt up with the belt around the back of the seat or simply remove the fuse for the alarm.
kuatolives, Jan 06 2005

       Could the sensor not be lnked to an imobilser? That way you wouldn't tie up the fuzz, you'd have to wear your seat belt if you wanted to get anywhere. Probably would be unpopular with minicab drivers though....
RichieRich, Jan 06 2005

       I agree with [Aq_Bi] Ol' Princess Di (or "Princess died" as we now refer to her) chose not to wear a seat belt in the speeding paparazzi chased merc, where as the security guard sitting in the front seat was wearing one. (note he survived the crash).
PainOCommonSense, Jan 07 2005

       For some bizzare reason, in the UK, taxi drivers don't have to wear seatbelts.   

       Most recorded injuries from airbag deployment are either the result of not wearing a seatblet (european airbags are designed for seatblet wearing occupants) or from post accident deployment during extrication.
oneoffdave, Jan 07 2005

       SUch a good idea to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lumpysausage007, Feb 12 2005


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