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Bacon Narcissus

We watch in reverence, as Narcissus is turned to an assemblage of marbled lean back
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A sculpture depicting a figure, not unlike Caravaggio's Narcissus, staring fixedly into a mirrored pool.

Curiously, the features of the youth, upon closer inspection, are wrought in slices of bacon, mirroring the works of Francis Bacon, in that they're all smeared about and that.

The youth has the words "Human Bacon" stamped into his back, to further belabour the derivative nature of the work.

Also, bacon!

Zeuxis, Aug 30 2017


       Very literal. Of what material is this "sculpture" composed?
xenzag, Aug 30 2017

       Plastinated flesh? We could get Gunther von Hagens in on the scheme. Alternately, bacon, and some flies.
Zeuxis, Aug 30 2017

       Soundtrack provided by The Cure, presumably...
8th of 7, Aug 30 2017

       At the genesis of the idea...we did consider contacting Meatloaf, but they gave us the cold shoulder.
Zeuxis, Aug 30 2017

       Very ill-advised … in fact, it's hard to envisage anything rasher …
8th of 7, Aug 30 2017

       This is So not kosher.   

       That's no reason to pan the idea ...
8th of 7, Sep 01 2017


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