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artificial floating safe Nevaeh

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This is a statue of someone named Nevaeh that is

a) artificial,

b) buoyant, and

c) certified by all relevant safety regulators.

These requirements could be fulfilled by making the statue out of a material that is soft, rare (opposite of dense), and sealed, such as a closed-cell polymer foam. Care must be taken to choose a material that will not leach pollutants into the water or taste like food to local wildlife.

Candidate Nevaehs include the wrestler and Sonny Sandoval's daughter—see link.

notexactly, Mar 27 2015

Wikipedia: Nevaeh https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nevaeh
[notexactly, Mar 27 2015]

the inspiration for this idea artificial_20floating_20safe_20haeven
[notexactly, Mar 27 2015]

a delifferate mistale Deliberately Misund...and The Last Person
[pashute, Mar 30 2015]


       I thought neveah was a cream.   

       I used to like to buy their products years ago and thought it was a new firm. Then last week I re-read Alex Haley's book Roots and saw that it was used by the first generation of African slaves in North Carolina. Impressive!   

       So that's all that comes of my idea?
pashute, Mar 29 2015


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