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Art Form

one sculpture incorporating many.
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This idea is going to be hard to put into words but here goes.

Picture a sculpture resting upon a dais. Circling the dais are concentric steps, each of which are wide enough to walk on comfortably if you had to stay on just the one step to be able to see the sculpture with the perspective that the artist feels is optimum according to your height.

As you mount the central staircase leading to the exhibit, the top of your head brushes against a height bar signaling the level you will wish to view this at, you must remain upon this step or miss the effect entirely.

The materials for this sculpture will consist mainly of thin sheets of metal and panes of glass of different thicknesses, both of which if viewed from right angle, can appear solid, or almost invisible. This is important, because during your circular walk the focus of your attention, (the sculpture), will look like nothing more than the after effects of an explosion in a sheet metal factory, but as you reach key points on your circuit, the sculpture will seem to click into place revealing several three dimensional scenes. The negative spaces of each scene will be the next scene’s visible portions and vice versa.

I can only see this being accomplished by arranging video cameras at each “focal point”, and a single bank of monitors, for the artist to be able to see all angles at once. A computer animated design program will probably also be a must to puzzle through the initial design.

I have tried searching the net for something like this and have not found anything even remotely similar. If it is baked I apologize but would be interested to see it regardless.

Dual Sculptures http://www.grand-il...com/tim/dualart.htm
Baked example (although apparently no longer available) [dweeb, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Chicago's Daley Center Picasso http://www.bluffton...icasso/picasso.html
Doggy from one perspective; woman's head from another [ConsultingDetective, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Sounds good to me.
waxingpoetic, Dec 23 2002

       read The Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy,   

       Gods final message to creation "We apologise for the inconvenience" is just such a message written in the stars and viewed from a specific postion.
Trodden, Dec 23 2002

       as you can tell, since my name was given to me by others, this is right up my alley. i can't count how many times ive told people about the next great art project i want to build. i build nearly none. so my comment is, cool. and screw everything else out there: in talking about and executing this piece, you would certainly bring your own unique perspective to it, regardless of other's work. at a certain point, you have to stop going to museums/galleries and start making your own work, in your own space, free of worry about what others are doing and have done, so you don't inhibit the free flow of your creativity. alas, i have not yet reached that point. wait, i must go, someone outside sounds like they are in pain. maybe they can read this as i type.
oxen crossing, Jul 08 2003


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