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Bacon balls

delicious balls of greasy splendor!
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I would like my bacon pressed into two centemeter balls and packaged in large quantities as a snack food.
Voice, Aug 22 2007

pigs in blankets do you? http://www.bbcgoodf...ges/3039_MEDIUM.jpg
[po, Aug 22 2007]

Bacon-flavoured balls close enough? http://www.taquitos....php?snack_code=966
[Canuck, Aug 22 2007]

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       For some reason, I don't like this.
baconbrain, Aug 22 2007

       [Anathema]'s link looks like a meat-lover's Christmas ornament.
xandram, Aug 22 2007

       mmmm, deepfried

       [Voice], not terribly inventive. i'm giving you a bun, not to encourage you since this idea is pretty poor, but to mop up some of the grease and start again... (+)
k_sra, Aug 22 2007

       //For some reason, I don't like this//   

       Then how about bacon pressed into the shape of brains with curves and folds and all that?
phundug, Aug 22 2007

       Brains have curves and folds? Mine is all nice and smooth.
baconbrain, Aug 22 2007

       Wouldn't that be considered autophagia in baconbrain's case?
Canuck, Aug 22 2007


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