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Badge Art

For Collective Individuality
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Business giants looking to improve workers' perceptions of internal policy might consider allowing employees the option of having their corporate ID photos enhanced by the image-filtering process. Style selections within reason might include, among others, Impressionist, pop, manga, and noir.

Aesthetic value aside, the renderings would provide the wearer a medium of passive expression concerning interests, self-image or worldview.

The Military, Jul 14 2001


       The ass thing was quite popular in our tower until the reprimands came for impersonating senior management.
The Military, Jul 14 2001

       [Rods Tiger]- <pedant> Fascism </pedant> What if one was allowed to do a self portrait for the badge?
Malakh, Jul 14 2001

       Although I don`t work for a business giant, my badge would have an image of me crawling on the floor, drinking a pint of Summer Lightening
March Hare, Jul 15 2001


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