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"Not All Heroes Wear Capes" Button

A little lapel button shaped like a cape to give to the people who protect us.
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You'd choose who to give this to, a little button in the shape of a cape with the tag line printed on it. Nurses, firefighters, police officers, members of the military, etc.

Even if they didn't wear it it would just be a nice little token of appreciation for the people who keep us safe.

Of course the little joke is, technically, with that button on they're now wearing a cape sort of kind of. A fun way to show respect that anybody receiving one would obviously appreciate.

doctorremulac3, Feb 18 2023


       [-] Disrespectful. As you've never worn a uniform you might not get what your "little joke" says to those who do (or those who have).
a1, Feb 19 2023

       That's at least the second edit now. Gonna keep trying until you get it right?   

       The original version idea was to print a well-known meme on a button (of which hundreds if not thousands of variants are available to buy already). Not very original.   

       First edit, you say your "new" idea was to shape it like a cape as a joke.   

       Second edit, you say *anybody* receiving one would *obviously* appreciate it ... how clueless can you get?   

       I might accept it from kid who didn't know any better. I might even accept it as a joke from a comrade in arms. But not from a (supposed) adult who never served and thinks it's a joke.   

       Tell me I deserve a cape? Yeah sure. Give me one and tell me it's a joke? I'd spit in your eye. Figuratively speaking, of course.
a1, Feb 19 2023

       Assaulting me like that would be a very bad idea on your part.   

       Threats of physical assault to other posters on this site are very much not okay.   

       Chill out a1.
doctorremulac3, Feb 19 2023

       If this really caught on and became popular, then it would be more effective to wear a cape printed with the slogan "not all heroes wear buttons".
pocmloc, Feb 19 2023

       By the way, the original idea was for a cape shaped button with that message, it wasn't added later. Obviously.   

       What ever happened to capes anway? Maybe it's time to give out actual capes to people who serve.
doctorremulac3, Feb 19 2023

       I see this as more of a tongue in cheek sort of thing. When a store manager deftly puts a Karen in her place, or a passerby shuts up an irritating child. When someone loudly voicing unpalatable opinions in the public square gets shut down by someone who knows their side of the issue well enough to call them out in their own terms.
21 Quest, Feb 19 2023

       I like that!   

       Kind of makes me want to keep a couple on hand for such occasions.   

       I do think there's a big need for little acts of kindness like this in the world. Just a little thing to counter all the hate out there. Would it change the world? No, but might make somebody smile. Friendly with a little humor to it.
doctorremulac3, Feb 19 2023

       Also, as someone who HAS worn a uniform, I wouldn't take offense either.
21 Quest, Feb 19 2023

       Thank you for your service brother.
doctorremulac3, Feb 19 2023

       It's the rare loudmouth who will become silent on his own when called out with reason. "Calling out" with force is evil
Voice, Feb 19 2023

       Doc, you don’t get it. YOU don’t get to decide how anyone else should interpret your gesture. And there’s a lot of distance between telling a vet “Thank you for your service” and giving them a cape (real or symbolic) and calling it a joke.   

       Real heroes don’t wear capes, nor do they want to.
a1, Feb 20 2023

       I’ve got it! Stickers would be much cheaper and people would still get the same message of kindness and appreciation.   

       21 you’ve inspired me, I think I’ll actually do this and keep some in my wallet. I like making strangers smile. Was chatting with a truck driver the other day and as I walked away he came after me and said “Hey!” and handed me a calendar from his trucking company. It’s on my office wall. I love that thing, that little gesture totally made my day.   

       Makes me want to pay it forward.
doctorremulac3, Feb 20 2023

       A1 I know YOU feel that way. I get it, I do, but the fact is people society considers heroes complain LOUDLY and FREQUENTLY about doing a "thankless job". Nurses go on strike over it, teachers go on strike over it, etc etc etc. Military and cops too, you ever see their Facebook pages? They can't STAND that they aren't treated like royalty, like knights lording over medieval serfs. Not all of them, of course, but enough to spoil the bunch. And I say this as a veteran, who proudly rocks my Article 15 Clothing Company hoodie whenever I take a taxi fare on base. So my attitude now is, well ya know what, here's your thanks. A cute little sticker. Maybe now you'll quit your whining and focus more on doing your job better.
21 Quest, Feb 20 2023

       What happened to capes? I dunno. Bad rap from Dracula, Darth, and the Incredibles?
RayfordSteele, Feb 21 2023

       [21_Quest], thank you for your insight. It takes all kinds, I guess, but I'm not one to seek appreciation. Makes me a bit uncomfortable, really, when it comes out of nowhere from strangers.   

       [Doc], you're right - I shouldn't have said I'd spit in your eye - even figuratively. But trust me on this, some veterans may not appreciate your gesture the way you expect. It might go something like this...   

       All characters and events presented here -- even those based on real people -- are entirely fictional.   

       Hanging out by VA hospitals and VFW halls, the groupie waits - hoping to spot of one of his heroes. Ah, here comes one now, an elderly man in a wheelchair...   

       FAN: Thank you for your service, brother!   

       VET: (thinking to himself, "brother?") Hello, which branch were you in?   

       FAN: Oh, I wasn't in the military. But a lot of my family was! And I read a lot of history books, watch a lot of documentaries on TV!! So I know what a sacrifice you made!!! Here, I made something for YOU (pressing a sticker into the vet's hands).   

       VET: Gee, "Not all heroes wear capes" - never heard THAT one before. Odd shape sticker, isn't it?   

       FAN: It's a cape, get it? My little joke - now you have one!   

       VET: Got it. Oh well, I have to be going now. (thinking to himself "hope I can wheel away from this joker before he does something crazy").   

       FAN: Love ya, man, you're a hero! (thinking to himself "ungrateful asshole didn't even thank me. And after I printed a cliche into a novelty shape just for him").   

       ... and they went their separate ways, neither understanding what the other meant.
a1, Feb 22 2023

       At lear they didn't say "hey you're a vet, right?"   

       "Um yes...?"   

       "Great because my cat is sick, she is not eating her food, what do you think might be wrong with her?"
pocmloc, Feb 22 2023

       Actually poc, this is mostly meant for veterinarians. Top of my list of unsung heroes.
doctorremulac3, Feb 22 2023

       "No capes!"   

       Edna Mode.   


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