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Bagpipe hunting

Pro Bono Publico
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Participants hunt down sets of bagpipes, shoot, stab, harpoon, spear or otherwise puncture them, then have them stuffed and mounted as trophies (during which process they are rendeded relatively harmless by excision of the reed).

The choice of weapon is left to the discretion of the hunter, on the condition that civilian casualties are kept to an acceptable minimum, and excessive persistent radioactive fallout is avoided.

It woud be considered "good form" to concurrently dispose of the bagpiper by a humane and painless process, i.e. crushing by a steam road-roller, crucifixion*, or immolation in a Wicker Man. Anything, really, that prevents re-offending.

There would be a closed season, which would be 25 December. 0300 to 0301.

*Completely painless if the hunter has moderate skill with a hammer and nails; otherwise, the wearing of stout gloves is recommended.

8th of 7, Aug 14 2014


       Is this anything like haggis hunting?   

       I went haggis hunting once, the old hunting permit's around here somewhere if you'd like to see it (for some reason it's written in crayon) but we couldn't find one, they're getting quite rare, overhunting or something (or was that undercooking?).   

       We finally had to settle for a Cumberland sausage instead (you're average Cumberland can be quite fast you know, almost escaped down a rabbit hole).
Skewed, Aug 14 2014

       Whats up with bagpipes?
pashute, Aug 14 2014

       You're deaf, aren't you, [pash] ?
8th of 7, Aug 14 2014

       Technically you COULD hunt sharks with bagpipes. You'd need to ruggedize the hardware and supply compressed air, but the sharks would leave you alone.   

       Dolphins might be amused - whales I don't know...
normzone, Aug 14 2014

       //ruggedize the hardware//   

       really? I was under the opinion that tartan was indestructible and that it was not used for tank armor/re-entry shielding only for taste considerations.
bs0u0155, Aug 14 2014


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