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ant tracking robot

follow that ant
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Includes camera. size same as ants being tracked. can be used for internal ant hill surveillance, taking a message to the queen or poison if you are determined to get rid of them. Later versions will carry miniature weapons for micro warfare.

Military uses can be to cut important electric wires, to get into tunnels and rooms where kidnappers are staying, and to insert Ritalin into the enemy's soup just as they are winding up their troops to charge while yelling a war cry.

pashute, Dec 28 2015

Ant trails http://imgur.com/a/7tznC
[AusCan531, Dec 29 2015]


       // Ritalin //   

       Are you sure you don't mean Ricin ?   

       Building ant-sized robots is somewhat beyond your current technology. Creating humans with the mental capacity of an ant is, however, Baked; Justin Bieber fans are Widely Known To Exist.
8th of 7, Dec 28 2015

       //taking a message to the queen   

       What sort of message does one wish to send to her Ladyship? Before commencing construction of your tracking robot you might need to master ant communication.   

       I myself just returned to my office after the holidays only to that find ants have literally beaten a path [link] in the carpet from my rubbish bin to the crack in the wall where they've made ingress. The highly visible pathway makes tracking robots superfluous.   

       I'm forsaking communication and going directly to gifting the queen a mixture of powdered almond soaked in borax as my holiday greeting. Once that has delivered the crack shall be filled with powdered diatomaceous earth to foil her inevitable counter-attack.
AusCan531, Dec 29 2015

       Haha put a match head in a tube of the striking material and see if it get lodged in a crack and see if the ant can strike the match.
guncandy, Dec 29 2015

       Presumably the message would read " salutation I am a male ant in Nigeria, and our Queen has died, leaving 100,000 drone ants in an anthill inside a bank. If you send 2000 of your drone ants, I will send them to you."
not_morrison_rm, Jan 01 2016


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