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Baker's Resources

Item 1: A Thermodynamics Primer
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I have a feeling this may have been suggested (and shot down) before, but anyway:

A list of links to summaries and further reading in the basics of various fields that commonly trip up halfbaked idea. I'm thinking engineering tables, materials ratings charts, fundamental physics formulae (escape velocity, F=MA), economics, electricity, costs of commons materials and such like.

Perhaps as part or linked from the [help] page, perhaps a dedicated sidebar link. Divided along the same lines as the current HB categories; set up as a wiki; these are all just possibilities.

This would serve as a sort of FAQ for annotators as well as posters. I'm using wikipedia for this a lot of the time, but it would be handy to have a collated resource organised to the needs of the halfbaker, or prospective baker.

And as the sub-title suggest, the first entry would be a thermodynamics primer.

BunsenHoneydew, Jul 31 2006

How Stuff Works. http://www.howstuffworks.com/
[DrBob, Jul 31 2006]

Perpetual Motion Machine Perpetual_20Motion_20Machine
Similar sentiments [bungston, Jul 31 2006]

Maker's Resources http://www.makezine...MP=OTC-0D6B48984890
From MAKE magazine [BunsenHoneydew, Aug 05 2006]

[DogEd]'s classic. I spent weeks learning just how much really I don't know there. Baker_27s_20Helper_...20(in_20the_20oven)
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 06 2006]

Grammar http://en.wikibooks...iki/English:Grammar
[zen_tom, Aug 09 2006]

Punctuation http://en.wikibooks...English:Punctuation
[zen_tom, Aug 09 2006]

Classical Mechanics http://en.wikipedia...Classical_mechanics
A great encyclopaedic source of (sometimes incorrect) information. [zen_tom, Aug 17 2006]

Google http://www.google.com
Look stuff up. [zen_tom, Aug 17 2006]

lmgt4u http://tinyurl.com/36e6cyy
Let Me Google this for You... trying to find the old helper page [pashute, Dec 07 2010]


       I think this in combination with some "technical" moderators or experts would be a very useful addition.
jhomrighaus, Jul 31 2006

       From memory there have been at least a couple of similar ideas. Normally I just add the same old link ;0)
DrBob, Jul 31 2006

       Yup. Up for that. [+]
monojohnny, Jul 31 2006

       I'm certainly not against this idea, but I don't think that the availability of resources is the hurdle for Halfbaked ideas. Some flaws in science can be overlooked if they aren't just 'magic' or without some form of justification.   

       Maybe I am being harsh but the real hurdle is normally the laziness of the poster.
Jinbish, Jul 31 2006

       I have been pleased with the physics edification I have acquired at the HB, and have often pondered ways in which this fine site might be used to similarly edify those who because of youth or disadvantage are without physics knowledge. The linked perpetual motion machine idea is for a place to banish that ever-popular breed of fallacy.   

       My idea was a webpage discrete from the HB, but linking ideas for further dissection, or as examples of physical principles which are set out on the webpage. Probably those ideas and their discussion would need to be pasted into the website rather than just linked, because things change on the HB.
bungston, Jul 31 2006

       Howzabout making a site from some of the excellent explanations written by Halfbakers? I just got done with a re-write of my personal best, developed exclusively for the Halfbakery, and would rather not have to write it out again. I know that there are 'bakers who know a lot more than I do about a great many subjects, and I'd like to see all their work in one place.
baconbrain, Jul 31 2006

       [DogEd] did this, it was called An Halfbakers Helper and it was through this page that I found the halfbakery.   

       I hope that's not why it went poof. [link]   

       Thanks [pachute], that is the forth [link] on this posting.
The first [link] on 'that' posting was once an awesome list of resources and links.


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