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aid to logging off of this website

some sort of shock treatment that warns you that you have spent all day at the halfbakery and that there part of your life
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perhaps an electric shock administered through a helmet or perhaps the chair or even via the PC itself

help required urgently

po, Aug 26 2001

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       I'm pretty sure this can be bakeable. Just replace the mouse buttons with metalic ones, and connect them to a battery. With each click, you will receive a shock, reminding you that you are on the internet, or to buy another mouse.
[ sctld ], Aug 26 2001

       There = a location   

       They're = they are   

       Their = belonging to them   

       <\pedant mode>
Hans, Aug 26 2001

       And '.' goes at the end of a sentence.   

       Me, I spend a long time on the .5Bakery because I'm at work and can't go anywhere else, even if I wanted to.
StarChaser, Aug 26 2001

       no - you are trapped here forever - muahahahaha
RobertKidney, Aug 26 2001

       Surprised nobody's leapt on the use of the term "off of" in the idea name here...[po], the correct way of writing this is "offof" - no space.
-alx, Aug 26 2001

       [po] — There are sentient vacuum cleaners in Teletubbieland yet nothing akin to the simple gadget you describe?
The Military, Aug 26 2001

       Which makes me think, was [po] attracted here in the first place by the large number of custard-related ideas?
-alx, Aug 26 2001

       Alx: Huh? I've never heard of 'offof'. Neither has Dictionary.com...The closest was 'OFFO', the Office of Federal Facilities Oversight.
StarChaser, Aug 27 2001

       One of these days I'll learn that emoticons and </joke> tags make me better understood...until that day I'll continue blindly sarcasmising my way through life...
-alx, Aug 28 2001

       Uh, Hans, I see a </pedant mode> tag, but no <pedant mode> tag. Or is that assumed to always be open here on the 1/2B?
sdm, Aug 28 2001

       whats wrong with off of (from a cockney) ?   

       several of you getting off, on it - from it
po, Sep 04 2001

       aix - no actually I was driven here by my cussed relations
po, Sep 04 2001

       Po, I see nothing wrong with "off of", as I am in no way pedantic about these things. BTW, "whats" should be "what's" as in short for "what is". I don't believe "whats" is a real word, or is it Mr Sealy?
pussygalore, Sep 05 2001

       The "offof" comment was meant to be a little light-hearted dig to wind up some pedantists, that seems to have backfired a little...I'll try to be more careful in future...
-alx, Sep 06 2001

       this is really not helping my original dilemma
po, Sep 08 2001

       That's easy. On the top right corner of the window, click the little box with the X in it. <Assuming you're using windows, of course.>
StarChaser, Sep 08 2001

       alx: I was cleaning it and it went offof.
DrBob, Sep 29 2001

       heck, I`m a jobless ICT specialist, if I`m not in here, I`m on another site :P   

       If I turn to the real world for too long I will lose all my amazing computer skills, and my power level will drop. The world will never be saved because the hero stands still all the time (that useless lout never does anything on his own)   

       but the compact computer with vr glasses will change that. I can walk out in the real world and stay "Connected" at the same time :P it`ll only take a while untill it`s affordable.   

       and besides, the world needs half baked ideas! they can come in here, steal our idea`s, copywrite it and use it for their own profit. Saying they thought it up all by themselves.
Keeper of the Blue Flame, Jul 06 2004

       Weird... I can't visit other sites, just like starchaser :P HalfBakery rulz around the world
NeoPiter, Jul 06 2004

       you can check out any time you want but you can never leave...
jaksplat, Dec 15 2004

       check the dates, I had been here 2 days - what did I know? - stoopid nOObie!
po, Dec 15 2004

       [Keeper] - There are *other* sites on this internet thing?   

       [po] - It's partly your fault that I'm here now, you owe me one of these machines ;-)   

       I should go to bed...
wagster, Dec 15 2004

       flag is for internal server error 500 Jutta, in case you are going to ask.
dentworth, Dec 15 2004


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