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Bakery Spelling

Standardise the description of the halfbakery
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Looking at the halfbakery everyone seems to use a different description, a cleanup to standardise the language (or a voluntary code of conduct) is suggested.

For example, searching yields mentions of:

halfbakery 3803 hb 572 1/2b 183 half-bakery 92 half bakery 44 1/2 bakery 32

I'm sure I have missed some alternative versions.

PiledHigherandDeeper, May 29 2003

Pseudo Baker http://www.halfbake...idea/Pseudo_20Baker
Inspired by the discussion of this idea [PiledHigherandDeeper, Oct 17 2004]

Halfbaked in Hebrew http://angel.index....es/1/9693/47647.asp
[pashute, May 15 2011]

Closeup halfbaked challa bread http://ichange.inde...ilat_half_baked.jpg
[pashute, May 15 2011]


       Standard-less land
Pericles, May 29 2003

       We need to standardis the capitalisation as well. Is it a halfbakery, a Halfbakery or a HalfBakery? I may drive myself crazy now that I have noticed this!
PiledHigherandDeeper, May 29 2003

       HB, B/2, œB   

       How many ways can you spell anal?
DrCurry, May 29 2003

       You certainly overlooked the proponents of "demi-semi-panaderia" und ".5Backerei".
jurist, May 29 2003

       Forno Mezzo. Demi De Boulangerie.
Or more properly, Halbe Bäckerei (hi Jutta!).
All work, all are proper, and, as long as you don't mess up the spelling, no one cares.
Cedar Park, May 29 2003

       See link for related idea
PiledHigherandDeeper, May 29 2003

       b/2... the proper form is spaced in glorious trebuchet
h a l f b a k e r y
thumbwax, May 30 2003

       h a l f b a k e r y - not the most popular with only 5 matches, you would think that people were trying to get halfbakery past a spam filter given the number of variations.   

       do you want a bigger hhaallfbbakkerryyyy!
PiledHigherandDeeper, May 30 2003

       [Piled]: You have successfully illustrated a Fullbakery.
Cedar Park, May 30 2003

       [surely bak vs. ery?]
-alx, May 30 2003

       PHD, the variation you want to restrict is part of the vibrancy of a living language. Opposing that vibrancy is unlikely to succeed, and unlikely to produce desirable results if it does. I can see where jutta might wish to ensure conformity to a standard in all official references, but if we users have to conform, the next thing you know, we won't be able to refer to McDonalds as Mickey D's, Walmart as Wally World, or France as ... well, you get the idea.   

       That said, I do think that it behooves us to try to distinguish between "halfbaked," meaning something posted on this site, and "half baked," referring either to something outside the site that might have belonged here, or something in development (i.e., half-way to being baked).
beauxeault, May 30 2003

       Baked. 'h a l f b a k e r y' spelling *is* standardised. Look! It's up there in the top left hand corner. Nobody pays any attention to it.
DrBob, May 30 2003

phoenix, May 30 2003

       "Demidelicatessen" or "Semidelicatessen"
emlyn, May 30 2003

       Quite rite. The spelling heer is atroweshus.
git, May 31 2003

       Jah, vas Zeder Parken ubergezagt
Halfy baker
Laugh bakery
bake -er - ee! huh?

       And in Hebrew: Hatzi a fooy. [Link to halfbaked category at Angel bakery]
pashute, May 15 2011


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