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Pedant Trap

A la "Mouse Trap", by Hasbro
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rainbow, friendlyfire, and The Acrimonious Obfuscator sat around the table. They were playing a game. Pedant Trap, to be exact. A parody of "Mouse Trap".

The Acrimonious Obfuscator smiled gleefully, as he tossed the die from hand to hand. He chuckled at rainbow, who was at the very end, hoping, just hoping. He tossed the die, and picked up a Correction card. On it were four obscure words, one of which was spelled incorrectly, or had bad grammar. Being the ultimate pedant, he instantly shouted out the incorrect word, as well as the corrected spelling. Then he passed the die. friendlyfire rolled, and was very pleased to be able to slot the last piece of the Pedant Trap into place. rainbow shuddered, know that his playing piece was trapped in the final roulette, just waiting for the trap to be triggered....

"Mouse Trap" with pedantry-styling. Cheese cards changed to "Spelling Correction Cards"; to get them, you must correct the misspelled word. Playing pieces are shaped like a dictionary, and every line in the instruction book is double checked for errors. The dice is, during game, referred to as the die, with penalies if it is not...

The three above players were chosen due due their pedantry - they all corrected a few deliberate misspellings in a few of my ideas :) See my profile...

DesertFox, Feb 19 2006

Mouse Trap http://www.boardgamegeek.com/game/2679
[DesertFox, Feb 19 2006]


       <falling into pedantry trap>Did you mean "À la ..."? - i.e. with the accent. Also, a 3-dot ellipsis (after "triggered") is usual.</falling into pedantry trap>
hippo, Feb 19 2006

       ...and [hippo]'s trapped in the basket!
wagster, Feb 19 2006

       [snap!] Ow!
DrCurry, Feb 19 2006

Dub, Feb 19 2006

       sp: knowing. Alternatively, gr: now. Either correction would be acceptable.   

       Cheese please.   

       [boysparks] report to the principal's office please.
ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 19 2006

       This seems to be somewhat of an anti-climax to me. The concept is good enough, but there is only about four lines of actual idea in this. I'm still voting for it because of the amount of time that you've spent on it, but I still think that it could do with a little more meat on its bones.   

       Edit: Nice additions. You already had my bun for effort, now it's a well given vote as well.
hidden truths, Feb 19 2006

       There you go [ht], mmmm, meaty...   

       I was sure someone would yell at me for saying dice, instead of it's correct singular name "die". Oh well, you win some you lose some. At least someone notice "now" instead of "know" :)
DesertFox, Feb 20 2006

       No, but I'll yell at you for using "it's" (= "it is") instead of "its" (possessive).   

       (Good thing that thing already went off!)
DrCurry, Feb 20 2006

       DF, I get the impression that you buried several errors in your text, to see who can find them all.   

       I'll add 'due due' and 'penalies' to the growing list.
Ling, Feb 20 2006

       Bild a beter pedent trap and the wurld wil beet a pith too you're dor.   

       Beaten paths work best for pedestrian traps.   

       grammar: //rainbow shuddered, know[ing] that his playing piece was trapped in the final roulette...// ...whatever that means.   

       grammar: //The dice is...//: Dice are; Die is.
jurist, Feb 20 2006

       //DF, I get the impression that you buried several errors in your text, to see who can find them all.//

       This idea in itself is a Pedant Trap.
DesertFox, Feb 20 2006

       //by Hasbro//   

       By The Milton Bradley Company, a division of Hasbro, Inc.
Shz, Feb 20 2006

       [jurist] //\\//: //
spidermother, Feb 20 2006

       I'm caught in a trap
I can't log out
Because I judge you too much lately.

       Why can't you see what you're doin' to me
When I don't believe a word your spellin'?
We can't go on together with suspicious minds;
And we can't build our dreams on suspicious minds.

Ling, Feb 20 2006

       Just testing...
Ling, Feb 20 2006

       //with penalies if it is not...// you do mean penalties of course.   

       //obscure words, one of which was spelled incorrectly, or had bad grammar// I don't think that a single word can have bad grammar. Grammar takes place in the context of a sentence, or phrase, so a single word can only be misspelt.... as the trap springs shut on me too.
xenzag, Feb 20 2006

       Ling is a Good Thing :)
po, Feb 20 2006

       //final roulette// And of course, roulette involves a wheel, not a die. <CLAAANG>
coprocephalous, Feb 20 2006

       "Suspicious Minds" - words and music by Mark James
wagster, Feb 20 2006

       Isn't it illegal to set traps for pedants out of season?
Dub, Feb 20 2006

       [spidermother], ////\\//: //// It's funny that anno is understandable.
Shz, Feb 20 2006

       [Shz] - //////\\//: ////// - I didn't understand it and I understand it less now.
wagster, Feb 20 2006

       Since [jurist] corrected his anno, I can see where it's difficult to understand now.
Shz, Feb 20 2006

       Heck, was that a correction? I just thought they were pesky spider tracks.
jurist, Feb 20 2006

       Send for help, We've all been sucked into the pedant trap!
Minimal, Feb 22 2006

       Why the upper-case "W", [Minimal]?
hippo, Feb 22 2006

       The Royal We?
calum, Feb 22 2006

       [wagster]////////\\//: //////// - self evident. [jurist] - Not spider tracks, just a correction for preventing this internet forum's becoming a world-wide spider web of lies.
spidermother, Feb 22 2006

       ////final roulette// And of course, roulette involves a wheel, not a die. <CLAAANG>//

Unless you mean 'Russian Roulette', which involves a revolving chamber, a loud bang and a 'die'.
DrBob, Feb 22 2006

       [spidermother] //////////\\//: ////////// indeed! Don't you think this silly recursion thing has gone far enough?
spidermother, Feb 22 2006

       [spidermother] ////////////\\//: ////////////
Of course not!
(Sorry, couldn't resist. Had to be done!)
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 22 2006

       Please forgive the late posting. I have been away for a while.   

       I am both somewhat in awe and quite disturbed that you pieced something like this together over 3 months. I don't know whether to commend you or avoid you entirely. How deceptive you are. Perhaps I will set a trap for you...   

       ...Probably not, though. I don't have enough time to dedicate to that type of enterprise.   

       Good roasting, though. I enjoyed it :)   

       For the record, I believe I was the most polite in pointing out the error(s). I don't particularly pride myself in correct grammar and spelling; I make mistakes fairly often.   


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