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The Pedant Scale

A measure of annoyance
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The Pedant Scale is a measure of the degree to which a piece of writing (such as the description of a Halfbakery idea) annoys pedants.

Each tut that a pedant utters on reading the idea's description is equivalent to 1 centipedant (cP) on the Pedant Scale.

A subtle or less significant error, such that only one pedant in 10 would tut at it, is rated at 1 millipedant (mP).

For each error in the idea's description that a pedant feels compelled to publicly correct, the piece of writing gains one decipedant (dP). (In other words, one correction by a pedant is equivalent to 10 tuts.)

If the description contains mistakes irksome enough that even a normal person would correct an error in it, the idea is given a rating of 1 pedant (P) (i.e. it has made a normal person act as a pedant).

A description that contains so many infuriating errors that a pedant reading it would want to physically assault the author scores one decapedant (daP).

imaginality, Sep 09 2006

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milli [DenholmRicshaw, Sep 09 2006]

http://www.freesear...nary/deck+%28hit%29 To deck [imaginality, Sep 09 2006]


       //idea's author deserves to be bitten by a venomous arthropod// you missed out the words 'on the bum'
po, Sep 09 2006

       Cheers, [po], now corrected. :-)
imaginality, Sep 09 2006

       Pedant scale? I'm off it.
pertinax, Sep 09 2006

       I'm sorry, I can't stop myself...
A tenth of a pedant would be a decipedant.
Ten pedants would be a decapedant.
One hundred pedants would be a hectopedant.
A centipedant would be one hundredth of a pedant.
DenholmRicshaw, Sep 09 2006

       Pedantophile ! - person addicted to pedantic activity (I think I might be one) Looks out window as angry mob advances up street towards house, brandishing burning out torches, along with badly spelt slogans and missing punctuation marks.
xenzag, Sep 09 2006

       What [DenholmRickshaw] said. Sort out your scales and I may proffer a bun. Tut.
wagster, Sep 09 2006

       Akin to Miss Snark’s Crapometer, though she’s yet to put numbers to it.
ldischler, Sep 09 2006

       Ah, yes, indeed.   

       That, um, deliberate error was just my way of attracting the pedants, honest...   

       I've corrected it now, albeit at the cost of losing the centipede joke.
imaginality, Sep 09 2006

       Can I have one for the measure to which pedantic diatribes annoy me? Perhaps I should start spelling it 'pendantic' again, just for fun.
RayfordSteele, Sep 10 2006


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