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Baking Fund

Someone should live the ½ life!
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"Holy &*@#! That is expensive!"

Peter Bakerzum just saw the annual subscription price for the Baking Fund. His tummy turned and his wallet groaned.

"Ahh well, maybe one more year's subscription. After all, it *could* be me this year."

The Baking Fund was established way back in 2004. Some œwit had proposed a (huge) subscription fee to be added to a special Bakelist.

Each year, a person was chosen from the list at random. For a whole year the lucky œbaker could live the full-time bakeslife. Mmmmm..... A generous development fund with all expenses paid. Appearances on radio and TV. A Tesla-esque development lab with all the trimmings.

Products developed from the Bake Fund's 'feasible' list soon added healthy sales dollars to this year-long residency. Media coverage for products from the 'interesting' list soon had the world's attention.

So grab your credit card and sign up for a year's subscription. After all, this year it could just be YOU!

-Celebrate an evening in the 100K Gallon Restaurant.
-Arrive in style with Martini Shaker Hubcaps.
-Fly, zap, spring, squidge, melt, dive, explode!

Live the life others only dream of. Willy Wonka, eat your heart out!

Note 1:
Disclaimer against Bakedeath from highly risky ideas is signed at start of the annual contract.

Note 2:
Your chances of being selected are somewhat related to your bun/bone ratio.

Note 3:
Your life must be fully dedicated to Bakerlife. No half-hearted tempbakers need apply.

not_only_but_also, Nov 23 2004

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