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Come baking!

Speculation to deliberation: take the most promising ideas, and turn them into adventures!
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I love the culture of fun speculative constructive free thinking, that we have here on Halfbakery, not constrained by deadlines, and spanning for decades. So, I wanted to have this culture to extend to the way we work... But, there is much more at stake.

Many wonders there could be, but the Halfbakery stands like a nucleus of a cell without its organelles, unable to efficiently express its DNA into real products and services, real breakthroughs in science and technology, and some of the gems here are indeed low hanging fruits, if one knows physics.

So, here is what I propose -- we develop our DNA expression layers to our nucleus, and get those ideas into practice: from speculation to deliberation -- from zero to Infinity.

Here's what we do:

1. Visit http://0oo.li/io
2. Review halfbakery ideas once again.
3. If an idea seems seriously important, click "Take to Infinity"
- The rest of the process is explained in http://0oo.li/usage video.

Taking an idea to Infinity, means scaling it, so that it is not just 0 -> 1, but that it reaches maximum positive impact. Then, while we keep speculating on Halfbakery, there, we will be deliberating there, on Homebase.

Very important ideas that could have saved some of our lives, continue to be born here, but see no day of light without the expression systems like DNA without ribosomes. The Homebase is trying to be that environment for the nucleus to flourish.

While very early stage, basic systems are functioning nominally. Oh, and [MaxwelBuchanan] was the first to join it as [PaulHDear] :) no, we won't let HB die.

I'm all ears about regarding your feedback. I'm open to collaboration on technical level, teaching kids to code, getting credits from cloud providers, dev-ops collaboration, code refactoring, or many other sorts.

In sum, We are dying. Ideas can save us. Come backing! :) *or testing candidate bakery.

**Inspired by a 2005 year idea [howtoengineerit.com]. [marked-for-expiry]

Inyuki, Nov 05 2020

Baking recipe https://youtu.be/NyKV3VhC6P8
A demo, for path to the gene expression. [Inyuki, Nov 08 2020]


       Neat website but it makes this baked and also let's- all, c'est ne pas?
sninctown, Nov 05 2020

       // I'm all ears //   

       That's pretty clever, even James T. Kirk only has three ...   

       Are you like the giant ears in Heironymous Bosch's "Garden of Earthly Delights" ?
8th of 7, Nov 05 2020

       // Neat website //   

       Thanks! Psst, it has more Easter eggs than meets the eye!   

       // let's- all, c'est ne pas //   

       Oh my! Knowing it too well, I missed it. Perhaps not entirely -- I explicitly named the idea as an invitation (alright: [marked-for-expiry]), and it's not "let's- all" -- it's an invitation to Halfbakers, and not to all, but those who have a need for something outside the speculation, to start seeing some of the ideas become actions.
Inyuki, Nov 05 2020

       // I'm all ears //   

       I hope I'm not, cause that would really be tricky. :)
Inyuki, Nov 05 2020

       ... but fascinating to see. You could team up with [xenzag], and become a touring freak show. There's money to be made ...
8th of 7, Nov 05 2020

       Wow, [xenzag], he is running Max'es n-prize.com, right? I think there's a lot to discuss. For one, I'm now reviewing all Max'es ideas, and thinking -- which could be made into action. It's an imperative for us to try to get some of the fly.   

       // There's money to be made ...   

       Exactly, and,...with our potential for innovation, there's no reason why we should all be billionaires by now, if only for lack of connecting thinking with doing particular ways.
Inyuki, Nov 05 2020

       //there's no reason why we should all be billionaires by now// [marked-for-tagline]
pocmloc, Nov 05 2020

       // should //   

       Ah, a typo, I meant "shouldn't", but that can go for tagline indeed.
Inyuki, Nov 06 2020

       In the last paragraph before ** you wrote;
//Come backing! :)//
If it is not a subliminal-slip... then it should be.

       My only questions are; what keeps the efforts of this collaborative effort from being stolen? and how is it funded?   

       I'm a bit done with having IP stolen...   

       just say'n   

       // IP stolen...   

       I'm trying to think of Halfbakery content as a form of creative commons, that we can build upon, and get inventors make money along the way.   

       To be fair, if anyone takes your publicly published idea, and derives a business from it, how much of that you'd like as royalties?   

       Living from royalties, is what we could do, if the ideas were to be actively expressed by other, cooperative, organelles. :)   

       // and how is it funded?   

       Everyone may fund things personally, and share about their transactions with the public, if they are proud of them, or think they matter to share. Similar to how people can choose to speak or write...
Inyuki, Nov 06 2020

       If it makes you feel better, I was noting the comment as tagline-worthy before I noticed its negating typo. Its a great motto either way round.
pocmloc, Nov 06 2020

       // I was noting the comment as tagline-worthy before I noticed its negating typo   

       Oh, it does make me feel better! Add a description of demonstration, how this idea works "Baking recipe" [link].
Inyuki, Nov 07 2020


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