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Human assisted hexapod

Hexapod with 2 human legs, (and a body with a head and brains)
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This hexapod moves four of its six legs with servo motors, but the remaining two legs are human and are given hints as to where they should be positioned and what they should be doing with a tactile interface on the legs.

If the human moves his legs independently the other legs adapt accordingly. It is worn around the waist (originally for some stupid reason I wrote waste!!), but you are suspended from it with your shoulders in a harness. (If you are "the human" in this case).

IN a more extreme case the legs could be controlled electrically by the hexapod. See link

pashute, Aug 23 2023

cyborg insects https://www.youtube...watch?v=awG09liCMD4
[pashute, Aug 24 2023]


       Spider man? Truly horrific if it was like those Boston Dynamics dogs with a hole in the middle for a human to sit in. Minds me of the battle unit that's 'worn' by tri-plegic Connor in Wm. Gibson's The Peripheral. You've got to imagine it to believe it...
minoradjustments, Aug 24 2023

       Worn around the what now?
21 Quest, Aug 24 2023

       Doubles as a diaper, shirley?
daseva, Aug 24 2023

       heh heh! That was wasted on me...   

pashute, Aug 27 2023


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