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Ballistic Bed

Wakes you up by launching you into the air. Ever awoke because you dreamt you were falling?
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The Ballistic Bed utilizes the latest bed technology to create this bed, which can be considered the latest of all beds.

This bed, it is the Ballistic Bed to which I am referring, looks like a conventional bed. However, it is not a conventional bed, therein lies the novelty of this bed. The bed itself consists of two rectangular prisms, one a box frame and the other a mattress. In this way, it is the same as a regular bed.

However, the bed differs in that the springs on which one sleeps are gradually compressed during the night as one rolls to and fro across the surface of the bed. If one can imagine how such a bed would look in the morning right before the bedded individual wakes, they would picture a very comfortable bed groove indeed.

What happens to the bed at a predetermined time in the morning is what makes this bed extra special. If the person in the bed had set the bed to get him out of bed at say 6:00am, at that time the bed would release the tension built up in the gradually compressed springs all at once and launch the sleeping individual into the air. To land back down on the bed where they would bounce themselves awake. If they do not awake, the bouncing action would compress the springs and repeat the launch some time later.

cuckoointherye, Jan 25 2005




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