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Chaos Bed

Healthcare & Beds in General
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noticed a bed in the hospital that had an active mattress it would inflate or deflate on one side or the other to prevent bed sores so I thought it would be delightful if i had a bed that did this in my house with many air bladders governed by some type of chaos mathematics.
vfrackis, Mar 03 2009

Electromagnet Mattress Electromagnet_20Mattress
Similar to this [hippo, Mar 03 2009]


       I'm not sure I understand this entirely. Do you want the bed you saw in the hospital or are you talking about something similar but different. By the way, welcome to the Halfbakery, [vfrakis]!
Spacecoyote, Mar 03 2009

       hmmmm - novel
po, Mar 03 2009

       my thinking was an ever changing bed surface maybe one that you could not manage to sleep on if you could train yourself to sleep on a surface that was engineered to prevent you from sleeping that would be something special
vfrackis, Mar 03 2009

       Ummm, what?
colorclocks, Mar 04 2009

       Sure, as long as you can turn it off.
plasticspoon, Mar 06 2009

       Sounds fun as long as you're not alone in it.
Eugene, Mar 06 2009


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