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Ballistic Organ

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Most military weapons which fire projectiles have a barrel. Each barrel has its own characteristic ability to produce a sound using exactly the same principles and mechanisms deployed in that of a standard pipe organ.

Ballistic Organ comprises of a variety of these barrels being used to deliver the sound, instead of the usual rows of tubing seen in a conventional instrument.

At one end of the scale there could be a .22 rifle barrel, whilst the bass might be projected by that of a 16 inch naval cannon.

In between these extremes there would be a profusion of weaponry, all projecting directly upwards, ready to deliver the ironic sounds of celestial music.

xenzag, Oct 22 2011

Katyusha Rocket Launcher http://www.liveleak...ew?i=ea7_1285696273
AKA "Stalin's Organ" [mouseposture, Oct 22 2011]


       Aw man, 1812 Overture again?!? Doesn't the captain know we're running out of cannonballs?
RayfordSteele, Oct 22 2011

       Stalin's organ is said to have been terrifying, but not particularly musical.
mouseposture, Oct 22 2011

       Brilliant!!! The demand for a remake of the classic movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" will be overwhelming!   

       (This may necessitate a change to the movie plot from, "We made contact with the Borg and established communication in the form of musical notes" to "We made contact with the Borg and established communication in the form of an all out assault on their spacecraft.")   

       Now launching a Bun in C Sharp [+]
Grogster, Oct 22 2011

       Stalin's organ sounds remarkably similar to the original Tardis.   

       Are you impugning the authenticity of the random website I found in 30 seconds Googling?
mouseposture, Oct 22 2011

       Not at all. I was just wondering if the original film crew of Doctor Who had to pay Stalin any royalties for using the soundtrack from his organ.   

       That's a relief. In a duel, I'd have had to nominate [8th_of_7] as a second, and you know what that means.
mouseposture, Oct 23 2011

       Yeah, I'd have to call Q and that's never any fun... it's better this way.   

       " and some men like to hear the cannon ball a' rolling" [+]
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Oct 23 2011


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