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Car Horn Organ

Car horns create different pitches
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This is different from those many 'novelty' horns that play songs like 'Dixie' or 'La Cucaracha'.

Instead, you salvage many different car horns with different pitches, some from big rig trucks and some from small French economy cars. Wire them all up to a keyboard and maybe change the pitch on some with different lengths of pipe to give more overall range, and you have yourself an organ with a unique sound.

This could be mounted in a car or played at concerts. Great for parades.

discontinuuity, Jul 28 2005

Car Horn Organ http://www.wendymae.com/carhornorgan.html
This would have been a cool idea if it had not already appeared on television. Sorry. I'm sure your version would have been prettier. [jurist, Jul 28 2005]


       Unfortunately, Wendy Mae Chambers built and demonstrated this idea in 1983. [link]
jurist, Jul 28 2005

       I must have seen this idea years ago, and it's been living in the back of my mind for all this time. I might make my own, and yes it would be better, like everything I do. Either that, or it would sound like a crappy novelty horn.
discontinuuity, Jul 28 2005

       Top five pickup lines Wendy Mae Chambers is tired of hearing:   

       #5 - Like playin' organs do ya? #4- Your blaring car horns set my heart aflutter. #3- Don't get out much, do you? #2- Maybe it's because my eardrums are bleeding, but I hear your name wherever I go. #1- Stop playing that Goddamn thing and kiss me!
doctorremulac3, Jul 28 2005


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