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Balloon-Head Paintball

Lookie me!
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So this entire expansion on paintball is filling a water ballon with paint, attaching it to your head, and running around like crazy, trying to shoot the other people's paint-filled balloon while protecting your own.

This has many pros and cons.

Pros: You get to watch people running around like idiots. You get to shoot those people. You get to shoot them a lot. When you hit their balloon, they are deluged with a large amount of paint, not just one little paintball. It also promotes finesse in aiming, since you are aiming at a small target, not just an entire body.

Cons: You run around like an idiot, get shot a lot, and get drenched in paint. Are these even cons?

DesertFox, May 22 2006


       rock on fox!!-even a relativly peaceful critter like me would shoot at a persons head if it meant i got 2 c them covered in paint!
wakeNbake, May 22 2006

       I don't know. Would they help?
DesertFox, May 23 2006

       Stupid linesmen are as useless as tits on a bull. Don't expect much help from that lot.
methinksnot, May 23 2006

       I like it [+]. Just don't try any fancy evasion manuevers. How would you protect your ballon? A large shield? like on the tennis ball cannon they used on American Gladiators?   

       edit: balloon (sp), I'm an idiot :?
(mans)laughter, May 23 2006

       Does your people never wear masks?   

       Here in Texas, masks are a must; you cannot play without a facemask to protect your face.
DesertFox, May 24 2006

       Here in Baghdad face masks are optional...
energy guy, May 24 2006

       Who insulted NFL linesmen? I'm an NFL linesman.
sleeka, May 24 2006

       I don't know, [sleeka]. There sure are some pretty rude characters around here.
methinksnot, May 24 2006

       The balloons should be custom made with images of a face on them. Preferably the player's own face. Inside the balloons should be dry polyacrylamide gel. When burst, instead of liquid paint the player would also have gluey bits of gel.
bungston, May 24 2006

       Bun, for increasing the degree of accuracy required.
Shz, May 24 2006

       I'm just trying to imagine a bunch of guys taking themselves seriously while running around with big freakin' balloons on their heads. Seriously - close your eyes and picture Bob from Accounting doing this.
shapu, May 24 2006

       Lawn Chair Larry - always one on my favorite Darwins.
DesertFox, May 25 2006

       //Con: It means you are shooting at other's heads, a place most gamers try to avoid and the groups I have played with declare illegal. Funny imagery in the idea, but [-] for lack of real world practicality.//   

       Hello? Have you ever even met a gamer?! Or played a game?! Headshots are commonly the best place to aim at, easy killing, high damage. I play paintball, or used to, I don't anymore because there is no one to play with, no where to play, and no money to buy paintballs with, headshots are not illegal where I live. Why I think I've been shot in the head more than any of place on my body! I wish I had something like a motorcycle helmet, those things really mess up your vision. As out of shape as I am, I can't stand lugging around a loose paintball mask, having to push it up, and having to aim and breath. Breathing is difficult, evenw with the meager amount of plastic guarding your mouth.   

       This looks like a great and fun idea :)   

       I got shot in the thigh, and had a circle of dead skin around there for 4 months afterwards :P. And yeah, I hate getiting shot in the forehead, ears, or back of the head as well.
EvilPickels, May 25 2006

       Have I ever told about how a ref made me stand up to check if I had been shot when I haden't, and in the process made me get shot, and then said I was out? I did? Well, I like ranting about it.
DesertFox, May 25 2006


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