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Indoor Biathlon

More spectator-friendly
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Biathlon run as ice-skating, with paint-ball target shooting.

The indoor biathlon is staged in a hockey rink. A race-lane is defined all around the edge. Every tenth lap (or other distance, as appropriate), as the racer reaches his target station, he moves to a shooting stand toward the middle of the rink. The paintballs are fired over the heads of those still on the race-lane.

Target stations are distributed around the hockey arena, with a maximum of six (one at each end, two on each side). The targets are mounted on frames on the rinkside plexiglass using a mesh similar to that used to put pictures on bus windows. A windshield wiper behind the frame clears the spectators' view after shots are tallied.

After each set of shots, target station assignments are rotated. This allows the fans to all get a chance to see each competitor.

Scoring is very similar to the standard biathlon... unless you're doing the version where a siren signals a paintball war segment at some time in the middle of the race.

lurch, Aug 17 2003


       Sounds somewhat cute, though paintball markers are way too inaccurate for any sort of meaningful target shooting, at least by biathlon standards. If I remember correctly, the prone portion of the biathlon requires hitting five 1" targets at 50 yards. Someone with a paintball marker would have to be lucky to hit five one foot targets at 50 feet.
supercat, Aug 17 2003

       That sounds about right. The audience wouldn't be able to see the tiny targets, either, so bigger ones ought to make everyone happy.
lurch, Aug 17 2003

       I'm oddly disappointed, For some reason, I thought the idea would be for some kind of sexual Olympics.
DrCurry, Aug 17 2003


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