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Minefield Paint-Art

Paintball Landmines + Unfortunate Sap = Art
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While reading another paintball idea (Paintball for Pay), it struck me that it would be possible to create paintball art that was still mostly random, but had some design behind it.

First, the artist needs to obtain a large number of various paintball mines. Some of these could be the puny CO2 and bulk paint variety, but it would probably be necessary to buy or build something more akin to “Bouncing Betty” mines, to launch paint at heights. These bounding mines could be powered by CO2 or small explosives, and loaded with bulk paint or normal paintballs loaded with permanent paint.

Now, mines in hand, the artist could find a space to set up a minefield. The most likely shape for the field would be long and narrow. Then, the artist would need to rig the mines to detonate in some way, either by tripwire or by some computerized system. If he used mines with differently colored paints in each one, or, in the case of a mine loaded with paintballs, paintballs all of one color in each mine, he could set up “zones” of different colors, at different positions and different heights (If bounding mines are used).

Finally, with all the mines of different colors ready in the ground and armed, a suitable patsy could be dressed in a white smock, or something like a toga, provided with suitable head, neck and crotch protection, and sent to run straight through the field. The resulting paint-covered clothing would probably qualify as modern art!

(Inspired by [DesertFox]’s “Paintball for Pay”)
Senor_Pointy, Jun 22 2006

Inspiration Paintball_20for_20Pay
The inspiration for the idea [Senor_Pointy, Jun 22 2006]


       Um......... no.
MoreCowbell, Jun 22 2006


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